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By Ian Perry on 2018-07-29 18:33:00

I've just got back from the second night of NXT UK tapings at the Corn Exchange, Cambridge.

Andy Shepherd (from the WWE UK Network specials) was the ring announcer and handled hosting duties.

First up was a dark match.Killer Kelly beat Millie McKenzie with a Dragon Sleeper.

The first taped match was Ligero vs. 'Wild Boar' Mike Hitchman. Ligero won with a Springboard Tornado DDT.

Moustache Mountain defeated the team of Sam Gradwell and Saxon Huxley, when Tyler Bate hit his trademark springboard off the ropes into a clothesline.

More women's action, with Isla Dawn defeating Nina Samuels with a move similar to a Brainbuster.

We were shown a brief backstage video, where Travis Banks had been ambushed and Johnny Saint was checking on him.

Mark Andrews defeated Wolfgang with a Stundog Millionaire followed by a Shooting Star Press. Andrews and Wolfgang teased dissension but they were fine.

The Coffey Brothers came out and attacked Mark. Flash Morgan Webster came out for the save. Wolfgang stood by doing nothing, but eventually looked like he was going to help, before siding with the Coffey Brothers and beating down Andrews and Webster.

Jordan Devlin defeated Tucker, using a move that I can't describe. It started off like a GTS, but didn't finish like one.

Zack Gibson took on Amir Jordan next. Gibson was the biggest heel on the show without a doubt. He forced Jordan to tap out to the Shankley Gates.

After the match, Gibson cut a long promo running down the crowd and, well, everything. He was eventually cut off by Trent Seven who mocked Gibson for not being a part of the initial WWE UK shows. Seven challenged Gibson to an impromptu match, but Gibson bailed.

Damien Dunne (who was billed differently, I didn't quite catch it, but it sounded like Damien Wheeler) was snuck into the ring for a squash match against Dave Mastiff. Mastiff won with the Cannonball in the corner in fairly short order.

In a rematch from yesterday's dark match, Ligero took on James Drake. Ligero won using the Springboard Tornado DDT again.

Ashton Smith came out for a match but was attacked by the Coffeys and Wolfgang before he made it off the stage. The heels then cut a promo.

Sid Scala was out next, and got tossed around by Eddie Dennis who ultimately defeated him with a Razors Edge into the buckles, followed by a Reverse DDT-esque move.

Jordan Devlin defeated Kenny Williams using the same finisher as earlier.

More women's action, with Toni Storm defeating Dakota Kai with the Strong Zero. They hugged after the match. As Kai was leaving, Jinny ran out and attacked her on the stage. Jinny slipped as was running out, so I wouldn't be shocked to see them re-shoot that segment.

Next up was a six-man with Mark Andrews, Flash Morgan Webster and Ashton Smith taking on the Coffey Brothers and Wolfgang. Joe Coffey hit a Discus Lariat on Flash for the win.

The main event saw Danny Burch challenge Pete Dunne for the WWE UK Championship. Dunne ultimately won, forcing Burch to tap out.

All in all, a decent show. Lots of short matches, with absolutely no down time. The show featured 15 matches (13 + a dark match) in just three hours; so I wouldn't be surprised if they taped more than 3 episodes tonight.

Zack Gibson was the obvious top heel. You couldn't hear a word he was saying over the crowd jeering him. Pete Dunne was the top face, with the crowd completely in to everything he did.


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