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By James Burrows on 2018-07-28 18:00:00

Dark Match:

Ligero v. James Drake

Ligero wins with the springboard DDT for the three count. Best chant of the night contender against Drake with "he's got his own face on his arse"

Hour One:

Mark Andrews v. Joe Coffey w/Mark Coffey

Coffey with the spinning lariat to win. Flash Morgan Webster with the save after the match when the Coffey's begin to double team Andrews.

Nina Samuels v. Toni Storm

Toni wins with the backbreaker

Moustache Mountain are here...they want the UK Tag team titles (when officially announced) but, they need to face a tag team to do that and they're aren't any others.

Sid Scala v. Dave Mastiff

Total squash with Mastiff winning with a rolling turnbuckle backflip

Johnny Saint is are Noam Dar and Bruiserweight Pete Dunne and we have a NXT UK Championship match. Dunne wins a very good back and forth match with The Bitter End

Hour Two:

Kenny Williams v. Joseph Conners

Match ends early when the ref calls for the bell. Genuine injury to Conners who is knocked out from a Williams head kick over the top rope. Williams looked distraught as officials helped Conners to the back after about 5 minutes. 

Dakota Kai v. Killer Kelly

Dakota wins after some running turnbuckle kicks and a sunset flip pin. Dakota then announces she wants a shot at the NXT UK Women's Title (still rumoured)

Ashton Smith v. Tucker

Ashton Smith wins with some form of inverted DDT

Zack Gibson is here...there is almost 10 minutes of probably unusable chants without a foul language warning beforehand. Noam Dar and Johnny Saint appear. 

We have a match...Saint leaves...then comes back and we don't have a match. I have no idea what just happened in the past 15 minutes.

Hour 3:

Trent Severn v. Saxon Huxley

Trent wins with Seven Stars but the crowd made that match 

Mark Coffey w/Joe Coffey v. Flash Morgan Webster

Flash Morgan Webster with an armbar pin for the three count. Mark Andrews and someone else (not sure I was running off for a comfort break) made the save.

Noam Dar v. Zack Gibson has been announced as the main event.

Wolfgang v. Tyler Bate

Tyler wins a solid match with the Tyler Driver

Sam Gradwell v. Danny Burch

Danny wins with The Tower of London. He then gives a brilliant promo calling out Pete Dunne with "I was British Strong Style while you were running round in nappies"

Noam Dar v. Zack Gibson

Gibson wins with the Helter Skelter. Looks like a botched finish as we had it twice.

We're thanked for coming and the house lights go on. Good start to the brand with a very solid night.

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