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By Kendall Jenkins on 2018-07-24 09:20:00

Ah, essays! Many students fear these academic pieces. They require a lot of input in time, thinking, writing, creativity, and technique. For these, and other reasons, students sweat and get panicky when asked to write them.

No matter your situation, you cannot avoid article writing during your pursuit of education and knowledge. You will have to churn out hundreds of them before you graduate. And if you happen to land a job in communications, then essays will be with you to the end.

So, in the spirit of confronting our worries head-on, this article will provide you with some useful tips on how to come up with a killer essay. Let’s say that after this, you will be better prepped for your article come hell or high water.

Just a subtle caveat before the tips; these pieces of essay counsel guarantee that you will avoid writing mediocre papers. That is for sure. At best, they will help you write excellent articles fit for an A-grade.

On that note, useful guides for superb essay writing:

Mind Your Tone

The tone is an essential consideration in article writing. Before you can start on your paper, take ample time to ponder on the audience you are targeting, the purpose of the article, and setting to determine the tone, you should adopt in your writing.

First-person writing should be avoided when writing academic pieces that are expository, discursive, and informative. Writing in the first person in such instances will make your work dull and uninteresting to the reader. It will be laced with your personality which hinders the objectivity that is required for such papers.

Nonetheless, writing in first-person is ideal when writing narrative accounts.

Another contributing aspect to the tone of an article is the voice of the narrative. In formal writing, try to the maximum of your ability to write all your sentences in the active voice. Only use the passive voice when applicable and necessary.

Observe The Specified Structure

There is a typical structure to be followed when writing an essay. Your education institution of affiliation may have a say in this. If so, it is only wise that you stick to the provided structure. This act will see you scoop all the vital marks allocated for it. To see the marks, you can get for correct essay structure and other article aspects, simply request for a rubric from your educator.

Typical sections of an essay include the introduction, the body of the work, and the conclusion. In the opening, you ought to provide relevant information that brings the reader on board. Moreover, you will provide your thesis statement. This statement contains the target audience with information on the claim or argument you make in your paper. The thesis statement should be short and presented in a single sentence.  If you have to beat this, then write a two-sentence thesis statement.

The body section should contain data, facts, and figures that support your claim or argument. Do not provide baseless information that is not related to the topic sentence. This act will make you work to come out as amateurish. Worse still, it makes you seem inadequately informed on the topic.

All the information you provide in your body should help illustrate and explain your argument. You intend to make the reader understand what you are putting across in the paper.

The conclusion section is where you wrap it up. Provide a brief recap of what your writing is above. The reader should finish reading your paper on the high. Highlighting the significant aspects of your piece will do it for you.

Stick to The Topic

Do not dare stray away from the topic. This rule has to be one of the golden guides of writing. Diverting from your topic shows that you are not well-conversant with it. This mistake is so grave and will result in your work being thrown out the window in an instant.

Thus, conduct relevant research on your subject before writing your paper. You need to arm yourself with all the useful information on the topic to avoid veering off to mediocrity.

Get Online Assignment Help

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