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By Richard Trionfo on 2018-07-17 21:59:00

We begin with a look at the United States Championship Match between Jeff Hardy and Shinsuke Nakamura.

We are in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania and your announcers are Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton, and Corey Graves.

Jeff Hardy makes his way to the ring and he has something to say.  He says he may look like Jeff Hardy and may make an entrance like Jeff Hardy.  He says he may wear face paint like Jeff Hardy.  He does not feel like Jeff Hardy.  He says he feels incomplete.  Jeff says his heart is broken because he is not US Champion anymore because of what Shinsuke Nakamura did to him.  Nakamura showed that he lacks morality and honor. 

Jeff says that means that Nakamura is a no good low down jackass.  Nakamura used a low blow because that was the only way that he could beat him.  Jeff says he should not have continued but he wanted to get his hands on Nakamura.  Tonight, his focus is clear.  Jeff says he will make Nakamura fade away and classify himself as obsolete and win back his United States Title.

We see Nakamura watching in the back and he is asked by Renee to comment on what Jeff said.  Nakamura says that Jeff is a sad clown and he wears face paint to hide his tears.  Nakamura says it is his title.  He says that is a reason to smile.  Tonight, he gives everyone a reason to smile by making a clown cry again.

Nakamura says God Bless America.

Match Number One:  AJ Styles versus Andrade Almas (with Zelina Vega) in a Non Title Match

They lock up and Almas with a waist lock and side head lock.  Almas with an arm drag.  Styles with a waist lock but Almas with a wrist lock and waist lock.  Almas with an arm drag.  Styles with a waist lock but Almas with a back elbow and side head lock.  Styles backs Almas into the corner and Almas wtih a kick and he returns to the side head lock.  Almas holds on to the side head lock when AJ tries to send Almas off the ropes.  Styles with forearms and he tries for the Phenomenal Drop Kick but Almas hangs in the ropes and goes tranquilo while Vega lies under him.

Styles slides to the floor and he trips Almas before sending Almas to the floor.  Styles sends Almas into the ringside barrier and then back into the ring.  Almas with a boot to the head and a running knee into teh corner.  Almas with a back senton for a near fall.  Almas with a forearm and kicks.  Almas with an Irish whip and he misses a knee in the corner and hits the turnbuckles before going over the top rope to the floor.  Styles with a slingshot forearm to Almas on the floor.  Styles sends Almas back into the ring and he blocks a kick and takes Almas down with a dragon screw leg whip. 

Almsa goes to the floor and Vega blocks AJ's path to allow Almas to send AJ into the apron.  Almas with an arm bar.  Almas misses a boot and AJ with a sit out gourdbuster on Almas.  Styles with punches and a clothesline followed by a sliding forearm.  Styles gets Almas on his shoulders for a moment but Almas escapes and hits a drop kick.  Styles with kicks but he misses a back fist.  Almas with elbows and then he puts Styles in the ropes and hits a back breaker and then he sends Styles to the mat for a near fall.

Almas puts Styles on the turnbuckles and hits a springboard drop kick.  Almas sets for the running knees but Styles gets up and hits the Ushigoroshi and gets a near fall.  Styles sets for the Styles Clash but Almas puts Styles on the apron.  Styles with a forearm and he sets for the Phenomenal forearm but Almas with a back elbow to the leg to stop AJ.  Almas goes to the turnbuckles.  He hits a double jump moonsault for a near fall.  

Almas goes for a suplex but AJ lands on his feet and he hits an enzuigiri.  Almas with a kick and then he goes to the turnbuckles and sets for a tornado reverse DDT but Styles with a Pele Kick.  Styles sets for the superplex but Almas ties Styles in the turnbuckles and hits a double stomp to the chest and he hits the running double knee strike.  Almas gets a near fall.  Almas sets for the hammer lock DDT but Styles counters into the Calf Crusher and Almas taps out.

Winner:  AJ Styles (remains Champion)

We take a look back at highlights from the WWE Championship Match from Extreme Rules.

Aiden English walks in the back and he says that he is probably the last person you want to see and he says he has to apologize.  We see that he is talking to Lana.  Aiden says he wishes he could take it back, but he cannot.  That was the pinnacle of what Rusev has been working for.  Aiden wants Lana to talk to Rusev.

Lana says Rusev is angry and disappointed and he needs space.  Lana says that she does not understand why he is coming to her.  She asks him if he is what is best for Rusev.  

Aiden says maybe he does not deserve forgiveness, but he has Rusev's back.  He owes so much to Rusev and he is here for a second chance.  Aiden says everyone deserves a second chance.

Lana says she will take it into consideration.

Match Number Two:  Becky Lynch versus Mandy Rose (with Sonya Deville)

They lock up and Mandy with a wrist lock but Becky with a reversal.  Mandy with a punch but she misses a kick.  Becky with a back heel kick.  Mandy with an Irish whip and Becky moves and hits a springboard kick.  Becky goes for another springboard side kick but Mandy grabs the leg and pulls Becky to the mat for a near fall.  Mandy kicks Becky in the corner.  Becky with a punch but Mandy with forearms and a suplex.  Mandy gets a near fall.

Mandy stretches Becky but Becky with punches to escape the hold.  Mandy with an Irish whip and drop kick.  Mandy with a bicycle knee but she can only get a near fall.  Mandy with punches and she gets a near fall.  Mandy returns to the neck vice while trapping one of Becky's arms.  Becky escapes and gets a near fall with an O'Connor Roll.  Becky with a boot and a rollup for a near fall.  Becky misses a clothesline but hits a forearm and drop kick.  Becky with an exploder and then she goes for DisArmHer and Mandy taps out.

Winner:  Becky Lynch

After the match, Becky gets a mic and she says that winning feels good, no it feels great.  She says she has been patiently waiting and sometimes not patiently waiting.  She says she has been fighting hard for everyone.  Becky says she is just getting started.  She tells Carmella that straight fire is coming for you.  It is time for her to become Smackdown champion again.

Paige is in the office and she asks if Carmella heard that.

Paige says that she was talking about the fans cheering for Becky.  Paige asks how is her boyfriend doing and Carmella denies that James is her boyfriend.  Carmella reminds Paige who she has beaten.  Carmella says she deserves another Mellabration.  Paige says she will do it, but Carmella has to win her match against Becky Lynch.  Carmella refuses to defend her title next week.  Paige says it will not be a title match, but if Becky beats Carmella next week, Becky will face Carmella for the title at SummerSlam,

Tye DIllinger is getting ready for his match and R Truth enters and he asks Tye if he is ready for the match.  Tye says after last week, he doesn't need a pep talk.  Truth says he can't hear him.  Tye says he will take care of Samoa Joe and heads to the ring.  Truth turns around and we see he is on his bluetooth and he tells Tye he didn't tell him to face Joe.

We go to commercial.

We are back with footage of Samoa Joe attacking Tye Dillinger last week before their scheduled match.

Match Number Three:  Tye Dillinger versus Samoa Joe

Dillinger with a forearm as the bell rings and he follows with kicks.  Joe goes to teh floor and he pulls Dillinger to the apron.  Dillinger kicks Joe into the announce table and he punches Joe.  Dillinger with knees and then Joe sends Dillinger groin first into the ring post.  Joe with jabs followed by an Irish whip and back elbow followed by an enzuigiri.  Joe asks Tye if this is what he wanted and Joe with knees and kicks.  Joe with the Kokina Clutch and Tye passes out.

Winner:  Samoa Joe

We go to commercial.

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