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By Dave Scherer on 2018-07-11 10:00:00

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With Brock Lesnar eligible to fight in the UFC early next year, do you think they should keep the Universal title on him until then so they can bill him as the current WWE champion on the night of his fight?

No, I don’t. I don’t see what WWE gets out of it other than a little publicity. That doesn’t make up for having six more months of a guy who not only hardly ever wrestles holding their top championship, but also never puts any of your committed talent over. I contend that part of Raw’s dwindling audience is due to the Champ not appearing on the show. It makes it missable. Plus, what if Brock loses? Or fails a drug test? Or both? That would not be a good look for WWE. As I have said before, I would have Braun Strowman go on Raw and say that since Brock won't come and fight him, he is cashing in his contract now and fight Lesnar at SummerSlam, where he wins the Title and takes it out of pergatory.  Plus, what kind of message does it send to the roster when they keep the belt on a part timer who is more interested in fighting than the wrestling business?  It's a bad one, that's what kind.

Do you see any way WWE allows Lesnar to fight on the Saturday of Wrestlemania weekend, if that's when the UFC wants to schedule his fight?

If WWE lets Brock go in as the champion and Brock wins the UFC Title, wow.  That would be crazy.  UFC probably wouldn't want their champion losing, even in "fake wrestling", which means more time that the belt isn't on Raw.  I would think that the sides would work together but if Brock wins the UFC Title, I don't see him wrestling much, if at all.  That is why it's important to get the Title off of him.  Plus, we know Brock signed a new deal, but the terms of it have not come out yet.  I have heard it's short term.  So, I don't even know who has the rights to what right at this time.  I just don't see much positive for WWE keeping that belt on Brock any longer.  The time has come to get it off of him.

How disastrous would it be if Lesnar was to fail another drug test during his next fight? We know his is exempt from WWE's standard drug testing program and we saw how management still backed him after his last UFC fight and drug failure, but would another failure change how the WWE fans perceive him?

I think it's more about what would the partners think.  They just signed a mega deal with FOX based off of being Family Friendly.  Having a guy that publicly failed his second UFC drug test in as many fights, if that happens, would be a PR nightmare for them.  It's another reason I wouldn't take the chance of having Brock carry the Title.  Beyond that, it just looks bad having to explain why your champ has failed two drug tests now.

What do you think of Brock Lesnar taking the Universal Title to UFC for a while and then coming back to beat Roman again at Wrestlemania 36? Great idea, right?

Yes, it's brilliant.  It would make that kid Lesnar a player.  He could go on to a long career in WWE with a break like that.

Who should Hulk Hogan beat at WWE's Australia show? That would be a great way to use Shawn Michaels, don't you think?

If by "great" you mean ridiculous, wretched and a total waste, then yes it's great.

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