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By Taylor Millard on 2018-07-08 08:31:00

Welcome to's live, ongoing coverage of New Japan Pro Wrestling's G1 Special from the Cow Palace in San Francisco.

The stream started a few minutes late, but your commentators are Jim Ross and Josh Barnett

Starting off the show is King Haku, GoD, Yujiro Takahasi, and Chase Owens vs. YOSHI-HASHI, Gedo, Rocky Romero, Roppongi 3KSHO, and YOH:

Ross put over Haku's toughness with Haku starting the match against YOSHI-HASHI.  HASHI's right shoulder is wrapped up, but he gets Haku on the ground. Haku counters with an Irish whip, then tags in Tanga Loa. HASHI tags in Rocky Romero.

Romero puts his head into Loa's chest, but Loa is able to take over following an exchange of offense.

Tama Tonga with a Stinger splash and everyone fights on the outside. Romero's group is knocked out, allowing BC to take control. Haku gives Romero a piledriver and a cover for a two. GoD gets angry at the ref for not counting quick enough, something Ross points out. The belief is the ref wanted to make sure Romero was okay

Chase Owens tags in and trades shots with Romero. Yujuiro Takahasi is tagged in and dominates Romero, who almost gets a hot tag, but Owens stop him. Romero gets a double head scissors on Owens and Takahasi, and tags in HASHI. 

HASHI cleans house and tags in SHO. Double team work by YO and SHO, but Takahasi gets a tag to Tama Tonga. Tonga dominates for a bit, but HASHI gets a spear and tags in Gedo.  "All kinds of chaso in the ring," to quote Josh Barnett, as both teams trade hits. Romero hits a tope suicida on the outside and Gedo goes for a pin on Tonga. Haku breaks it up with a throat grab and Tonga hits a Stunner variation for the pin.

Winners: Bullet Club

Up next is more tag team action with Tomohiro Ishii and Toru Yano vs. Minoru Suzuki and Zack Sabre. Jr.

Out first is Suzuki and ZSJ who are billed as the Revolution Pro Wrestling's British Tag Team Champions for winning at Strong Style Evolved UK. ZSJ is put over for his submission prowess including submitting Okada.

Yano walks out with either a video game or a DVD in his hands while Ishii looks extremely serious. Ross points out Yano seems out of place because of his sense of humor, but can really wrestl.

Ishii and Suzuki starts off and start trading shot in the middle of the ring. They are just trading forearms  before Ishii gets control. Suzuki counters and knocks Ishii down, but ZSJ is tagged in. He motions for Yano and his request is honored while Suzuki and Ishii fight in on the outside. Yano wants to shake hands with ZSJ doing so, but turning it into a wristlock. Yano makes it to the ropes and the ref breaks it up.

Yano does another handshakes, but counters ZSJ's wrist lock with a hit to the eyes. Story of the match is Yano going to the ropes to break up any of ZSJ's submission attempts. More fighting by Suzuki and Ishii on the outside, while ZSJ puts in a Reverse Indian Deathlock. He transitions into a Leg Nelson, but Yano gets to the ropes.

ZSJ tags in Suzuki and both men basically destroy Yano's limbs while the ref is distracted by Ishii. ZSJ hits Ishii and gives another tag to Suzuki. Yano gets an inverted atomic drop, tags in Ishii who immediately goes after Suzuki. JR points out the two men want to "tear each other up" which is basically what's happening. Suzuki gives Ishii clubbing forearms knocking him to the canvas. Ishii gets up, spits on Suzuki, and the two start beating each other again.

Yano and ZSJ are tagged in and Yano gets a turnbuckle pad. ZSJ counters into a submission and it is chaos with all the men fighting. ZSJ gets a long two. It's more chaos and Ishii and Yano get the win after ZSJ blocks a low blow, but Ishii hits ZSJ with a clothesline and Yano pins him.

Winner: Ishii and Yano

Suzuki and ZSJ beat up Young Lions as they are led out.

Next is Marty Scurll and Adam "Hangman" Page vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi & KUSHIDA.

JR and Barnett put over Page as he comes towards the ring. Call him a threat to any of the heavyweight belts. They also mention Page and Scurll are on "Team Cody" and point out leadership of Bullet Club is up for grabs.

Tanahashi and KUSHIDA come out next and they're called two of the best of all times.

Scurll and KUSHIDA start things off with chain wrestling. Scurll gets to his feet and locks in a submission, but KUSHIDA gets out. Page and Tanahashi get tagged in with the story being it's an all-time great against an up and comer. Tanahashi controls of Page, mocks Scurll, and tags in KUSHIDA

Page hits and awesome looking running Shooting Star Press to leave KUSHIDA laying. Page and Scurll do tandem offense for a two. KUSHIDA gets control of the match and tags in Tanahashi. Tanahashi nails a dragon screw and gets a senton on Scurll for a two. KUSHIDA is tagged in  and all four men trade hits. Scurll tries to pop the fingers, but KUSHIDA gets a double wristlock with Tanahashi nailing a Texas Clover Leaf on Page. BC takes control but Page takes too long to get a cover. KUSHIDA quickens the pace, but Page hits the reverse pile driver aka Right of Passage for the win.

Winners: Marty Scurll and Hangman Page

JR and Barnett say Tanahashi had his knee go out which is why he couldn't break up the tag. Tanahashi walked out fine while BC gave the crowd high fives.

Jeff Cobb vs. Hirooki Goto for the NEVER Openweight Championship is next.

Cobb is out first with JR and Barnett calling him "something special." Cobb is wearing the All Pro Wrestling Championship. He's called a "new problem" for Goto to figure out because there's not a big scouting report on Cobb. Barnett says Goto needs to get his striking offense going because Cobb isn't much of one.

Goto is out next and is called "Bret Hartesque" for his well-rounded ability. 

The two lock up and Cobb gets Goto to the ropes. Goto gets Cobb to the ropes and JR points out Cobb's left shoulder is heavily taped. Cobb gets a shoulder tackle on Goto after blocking an arm drag. Cobb stays in control with a suplex, then both men trade forearms and chops in the center of the ring. Goto knocks Cobb out of the ring then clubs him in the face after jumping over the ropes. 

Cobb is thrown back into the ring and Goto starts beating on him. Goto hits two stiff elbow drops on Cobb - who is getting plenty of cheers in San Francisco. Cobb is trapped in a head scissors and gets to the bottom rope to force a break. Cobb ends up nailing a really impressive standing dropkick leaving Goto woozy. Barnett says Cobb needs to study Dr. Death Steve Williams tapes.

Cobb gets a spinning backdrop suplex for a two. He tries to hit a standing moonsault but Goto gets out of the way. Barnett and JR note Cobb took too much of a risk, especially because his back was to Goto. Backdrop suplex by Goto for a two. They're really putting over Cobb as a tough match for Goto. 

Cobb gets an Oklahoma Stampede (running splash after hitting the turnbuckle) but Goto kicks out. Cobb with a great looking lariat but Goto barely kicks out at 2.999999999999. Goto hits a sleeper, but Cobb is able to roll through. Headbutt by Goto, then a reverse GTR and Cobb kicks out. 

Goto hits a normal GTR on Cobb for the win in a great physical match.

Winner and still NEVER Openweight Champion: Hirooki Goto.

Cobb is praised for his performance as Goto celebrates.


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