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By James Erskine & William Masters Fry on 2018-06-19 17:18:00

Live from Royal Albert Hall!

*We are not sold out here tonight but it was last night.

*Huge "Mama Mia" chant for Mauro Ranallo and big cheers for Nigel McGuinness as well.

*In a huge shocker, Mustache Mountain defeated WWE NXT Tag Team Champions The Undisputed Era to win the NXT Tag Team Championship.  Huge "You deserve it" chants.

*Boxer David Haye is in the crowd.

*Charlie Morgan defeated Killer Kelly.  

*Christian is in the house and stands up to big "One More Match" chants.

*Next was scheuduled to be Morgan Webster vs. Travis Baxter vs. Mark Andrews in a Triple Threat match to determine the number one contender for the WWE UK Championship, but UK GM Johnny Saint made it a Fatal Four Way and out came the returning Noam Dar.  Dar wins the match after Mark Andrews missed a shooting star press and is the new top contender.  Mark and Joe Coffey run in and attack Travis.  Dar considers making the save but opts not to do so.

*WWE NXT North American Champion Adam Cole defeated Wolfgang.  Sort of a muted response for Wolfgang and some anti-Scotland chanted directed at the Scottish star.  Lots of support for Cole.

*WWE NXT Champion Aleister Black and Ricochet defeated The Velveteen Dream and EC3.  This is awesome chants before any action. Velveteen most over of all four.  The story of the match was that Dream and EC3 kept miscommunicating as a team.  Dream walked out on EC3.  Black defeated him with Black Mass.  Ricochet presented Black with the NXT title.

*WWE NXT Women's Champion Shayna Baszler defeated Toni Storm by countout.  50/50 booking, Toni looked a badass just like in the Mae Young Classic.   Everyone thought Baszler had it won after some good back and forth action. Near naked choke in the centre of the ring. But Toni escaped to the outside. Baszler then chocked her out outside the ring.  Ref counted to ten. Win by countout and still champ.   Baszler went backstage and then came back out to choke out Storm out again once she had got to her fee.  She wouldn't stop despite the referee trying to stop her.  Big "f*** you Shayna" chant.

*WWE UK Champion Pete Dunne defeated Zack Gibson.  Big ovation for the Bruiserweight.  There was a chant of "Shoes off if you hate Gibson" and a third of the crowd held their shoes in the air. [Note from Mike Johnson: That is fn' hilarious.]  Dunne broke two submission attempts by grabbing the ropes.

Triple H came out and cut a promo saying that this is the next chapter in UK professional wrestling.

Pete Dunne and Mustache Mountain celebrate with the crowd.

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