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By Mike Johnson on 2018-06-19 14:59:00

World Wrestling Entertainment has released Big Cass (real name William Morrisey), the company announced just minutes ago.

Morrisey, from Glendale, Queens in New York trained under WWE Hall of Famer Johnny Rodz and was signed by the company in 2011 and assigned to the WWE developmental branch at the time, FCW. 

He was quickly teamed with Enzo Amore in WWE NXT under the ring name Colin Cassidy and the two became a popular act thanks to Amore's great mic work and the good chemistry the team.  Carmella was soon added to the team as their valet and the unit was popular enough that they won a legitimate fan ballot in 2015 to earn the NXT Tag Team of the Year award.

Enzo and Cass (now known only as Big Cass) were moved to the WWE main roster on Smackdown after Wrestlemania 32 and moved into a feud with the Vaudevillains, but a concussion to Amore slowed their immediate momentum.  Still, the team became extremely popular almost immediately thanks to their "You Can't Teach That" catch phrase.

In 2016, the team was shifted over to Raw, which saw Cass get a slight push as he was placed into a multi-man match to determine the top challenger for the WWE Universal Championship.  The duo were programmed into a storyline with Rusev but despite getting good reactions, were not pushed in a major way.

WWE Creative instead decided to split the team, beginning a storyline where Enzo was mysteriously attacked.  The following week, it was Cas that was attacked.  In the end, "secret camera footage" revealed that Cas was never attacked and that he was actually responsible for attacking Amore. 

Cass cut a promo explaining that he was tired of carrying Amore and not wanting to have to deal with him and how everyone in the back hated him anymore.   This led to a short-term rivalry with Big Show that was part of the build to the Enzo feud.

The feud with Enzo then kicked off, but was cut short almost immediately by a legitimate injury as Cass suffered a tear of his ACL while taking a bad bump from the ring to the floor wrestling Enzo Amore on Raw back in August 2017.  Enzo had avoided him during a charge, leading to Cass going over the top to the floor, landing badly on his left leg, which twisted wrong in a freak accident.   Cass returned to the ring and even executed a bodyslam on Amore, after which he presumably told the referee that something was wrong.  Cass went to rebound off the ropes for the Empire Elbow to end the match, but his knee buckled and he went down, rolling to the apron, where he was met by a WWE medical official. 

The referee rang the bell, leading to Amore being named the winner by referee's stoppage. After the cameras were off. Cass did attempt to walk out on his own but was unable to, instead being walked out by officials who held him up.  Cass was in the midst of his first singles push at the time and had he not been injured when he was, the entire trajectory of his WWE run may have changed.

WWE's Dr. Chris Robinson told the official WWE website at the time that Cass could be out of action up to nine months after getting surgery in Birmingham, Alabama.  During his time off, Cass was featured on Total Divas showcasing his relationship with Carmella at the time, but for the most part was out of the eyes of WWE fans.

Amore, upset about the match being stopped, ripped in Cass on social media and the two never spoke again.  By the time Cass returned to WWE, Amore had already been released for a number of reasons, possibly thwarting what may have been a bad scene.

Cass finally returned to the ring in April 2018 for the Smackdown brand, attacking Daniel Bryan and beginning what appeared to be a big push for him.  Instead, their first match didn't click and Cass looked to still be testing himself physically in the ring.  He was pulled from dates during a WWE tour of Europe and during a recent live event in Texas, there were reports of Cass yelling at producers from the ring and spitting at ringside fans.

Meanhile, the Bryan storyline appeared to have lost all momentum, but then rematch was then announced for Money in the Bank.   In that bout, which was far better than their first encounter, Cass tapped out in what will end up being his final televised appearance for the company.

Cass worked last night live event in Fort Wayne, Indiana, also losing to Bryan. Cass was backstage at some point today at the Smackdown tapings in Toledo, Ohio.

Interesting to note that in the and social media announcements of his release, Morrisey was not issued "well in his future endeavors", leaving open speculation that the company was not happy with him.  


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