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By Mike Johnson on 2018-06-18 01:33:00

WWE Smackdown General Manager Paige posted an Instagram story following the Money in the Bank PPV in Chicago, noting that she was assaulted by a fan that pie-faced her and told her to lose weight.

On the Instagram story Paige wrote, "To the 'fan' that decided to pie face me through my car window and then tell me to "lose some weight Paige".. you inspired me to keep being myself and eat whatever the f I want.  Good luck with your karma!" had already heard of the incident happening by virtue of a reader who was in the vicinity when it occurred and was working on confirming the story when Paige took to social media. 

The version that we are told is that Paige's car was leaving the Allstate Arena with Paige sitting in the passenger seat.  She had her window down and was saying goodbye to fans, high-fiving some when a male fan struck her and yelled at her.

We are told that the fan was confronted after the incident, but not by Paige.

Obviously, anyone who is going to physically strike a WWE performer should be prosecuted, so hopefully that is what the end result will be here, especially given the fact that Paige's injuries forced her into in-ring retirement.  More as we confirm it.


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