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By Dave Scherer on 2018-06-18 10:01:00

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With noises that Shawn Michaels is contemplating coming out of retirement, how would you book him? One big match? A DX run? A title run? Personally I’d love to see him and Daniel Bryan finally finish their 2013 angle! Interested to hear your thoughts.

He’s 52 years old and has said we shouldn’t expect the old him if he returns.  If that is the case, I don’t think it makes sense to have a singles match.  If he can do a singles match, then Bryan makes perfect sense and I would love to see it.  If not, I like him coming to the aid of someone and setting up a tag match.  I would love to see Bryan be the guy he comes to the aid of.

Does ANYONE still buy Impact PPVs?

People like us do, to cover them.  But to be fair, they were never huge sellers of PPVs even when the audience was higher.  Now, they have less people watching and have a much higher price point than their competition.  That is not a good position to be in.

With C M Punk essentially getting his rear end handed to him in his two UFC fights do you think he should call it a day as far as that is concerned and go to his next item on whatever is on his bucket list of things to do?  

I absolutely do.  It’s pretty clear to me that at 39 years old, his future is not inside the Octagon.  As I have said on audio this week, if I were him I would spend the next year trying to find out what the next chapter of my life will be.  Then, next summer, if I haven’t found what I was looking for, I would make contact with WWE to see how much they would pay me to come back and work on Smackdown when they go to FOX.  I know how he feels about WWE and the business, but I would also really think long and hard about that big paycheck when I was 40 years old.  He could make a lot of money for a year or two, if he could stomach going back.

With what is being reported as a Billion dollar deal for Smackdown on Fox which is a general broadcast network, do you see Smackdown becoming the "A Show? Or does Raw keep that status by virtue of being the more established show and  at the beginning of the week, the day after PPV events, etc?

I think WWE really has to treat them as A shows now.  Raw will generate more money per show in rights fees, but Smackdown will actually generate more money per hour.  Plus, it airs on free TV so the cord cutters that don’t pay for cable but have an antenna can watch it.  I think it’s important to treat both shows as extremely important.

Additionally, with these new massive tv deals, I'm sure the talent will be looking for their checks to increase. I wonder if they don't increase quick enough or large enough if they could get a very unhappy locker room. 

I would hope that WWE will share the wealth with talent (since there’s a lot of wealth to share).  I agree, if they don’t the locker room on the whole will not be happy.

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