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By Steven Fernandes on 2018-06-13 09:15:00

WWE has a job posting for a 'Senior Director of Booking, US & Canada Live Events'. 

"Based in Stamford CT, the Senior Director of Booking, US & Canada Live Events is responsible for the booking and routing process for all WWE PPV, TV, and ‘house’ shows throughout the US & Canada.

This important management position is integral to the success of other lines of business and includes ascertaining availability and negotiating key business terms with primarily indoor venues; coordinating and scheduling c.300 shows annually; and controlling/overseeing the facility hire contracting process.

Additionally, the position plays a lead role, particularly in the early stage of the process, with providing relevant information and ensuring clear lines of both third-party and interdepartmental communication including production, marketing, merchandising, etc. And requires maintaining beneficial relationships with an array of venues privately or corporately owned and, most commonly, operated by professional sports teams, city/state municipalities or facility management companies."

You can apply at the link below:

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