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By Mike Johnson on 2018-06-12 11:02:00

Sinclair CEO Chris Ripley revealed in an interview with The Baltimore Business Journal that Ring of Honor has secured a date with Madison Square Garden and will debut in the legendary arena in 2019.    Ripley did not reveal the exact date and referred to the move as part of a strategy to move ROH, which Sinclair has owned since May 2011, to bigger venues.

As previously noted on, the Garden has been reaching out to other wrestling companies as WWE has not been running at the venue consistently, choosing instead to run the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. With MSG not receiving any WrestleMania 34 week events, it's entirely conceivable that Ring of Honor could be running the Garden opposite WWE that week.

The article noted that a ROH event has sold 10,000 tickets for Chicago.  That event of course, is the Bullet Club-themed "All in" event, which has been built around the idea that it was financed by The Young Bucks and Cody Rhodes, who are intimately involved with all behind the scenes aspects of the show.

Cody and the Young Bucks teased that "All In 2" could be at Madison Square Garden during the recent ROH NYC Excellence event at the Hammerstein Ballroom.

As previously noted, Mexico's lucha libre promotion AAA  has also secured a date for The Garden in September with holds on 9/16 and 9/23. Whatever group runs MSG first will end up becoming the first promotion to run the legendary Arena outside of the McMahon Family dating back decades upon decades.

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