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By Dave Scherer on 2018-06-12 10:00:00

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What are your thoughts in regards to the amount of money that Fox has thrown at WWE in order to secure the broadcast rights for Smackdown?

I think it’s great for WWE, obviously. From Fox’s perspective, they are getting 52 weeks of programming for less than four million dollars a week. That is a great deal for a two hour block and it fits in with their strategy of having shows that they feel are more apt to be watched in real time, as opposed to being recorded.  They obviously think it was worth paying for.  They did something similar when they first started, overpaying for NFL Football.

Is there a ratings target that Fox had in mind when securing the rights, or do you think they are happy with the ratings as they are currently?

At this moment, Fox is happy with what Smackdown is doing.  They didn't come on board hoping for a huge jump in ratings.  With that said, they don't want to see the numbers slide either.

Do you think that WWE will now make Smackdown the “A” show strictly based on the money they are getting? They almost would have to in order for Fox to justify the amount of money that they are dishing out.

I think WWE will have to treat both Raw and Smackdown as A shows now. Fox is paying more per hour than NBCU, but NBCU is paying more overall.  I think that both shows have to be treated as "must see" by WWE.

Any word on which Fox station Smackdown will be broadcasting? The main Fox network station or one of the Fox Sports channels?

It will air live on FOX.

Will this affect the Canadian deal that Sportsnet 360 currently has in place to run Smackdown in Canada?

This deal is for the United States so no, it shouldn't (unless you are able to access a FOX station where you live).

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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