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By Mike Johnson on 2018-06-09 23:15:00

Former WWE Cruiserweight Champion Eric "Enzo Amore" Arndt. has been announced for the 8/17 House of Glory Wrestling event taking place over Summerslam weekend in Jamcaica, Queens at Club Amazura, billed as Real1.

It is unknown as of this writing as to whether he will be wrestling or simply appearing for autographs and photos.

The appearance would be the former Amore's first at a pro wrestling event since being released by WWE back in January in the wake of it becoming publicly known he was being criminally investigated in Arizona over sexual assault allegations following an incident that took place in October 2017 in Phoenix.  That investigation ended without charges being filed.

Amore responded by releasing a hip hop video teasing he would be filing a lawsuit against the woman who made the allegations and knocking pro wrestling fans and reporters.  The reaction to Amore being announced should be, well, interesting to follow.

The former Amore is also scheduled to sign next weekend at the Nassau Coliseum as part of the Eternal Con pop culture convention, replacing Scott Hall, who pulled out of the event.  Kevin Nash and Christian are also slated to appear at Eternalcon.

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