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By Himanshu D on 2018-06-08 08:40:00

IMPACT Wrestling increases its international coverage with a new television deal. The Mexican television network 52MX has begun to broadcast commercials about the return of IMPACT Wrestling to the country's televisions, where they will start broadcasting on Saturdays at night.

In the television commercials, it is revealed that it will start broadcasting from July 7 at 9:30 p.m. (Mexico time). At the moment there is no press release on the announcement, but it should be remembered that IMPACT was already broadcast for a time on the same channel, starting its emissions in October 2008 under the acronym of TNA Wrestling.

IMPACT Wrestling right now has a strong presence of Mexican wrestlers. After agreements with companies such as AAA, The Crash and Lucha Underground, during the last months it has been possible to see the presence of talents such as Drago, Aerostar, El Hijo del Fantasma, Fénix or Pentagón Jr., the latter coming to be crowned as IMPACT Wrestling World Champion.

With this new agreement, IMPACT manages to expand its television coverage around the world. It should be remembered that a couple of months ago, they renewed with 5 Spike TV in the United Kingdom. During the last few years, they have reinforced their presence in different countries, broadcasting in Canada through Fight Network, in addition to Germany, France, Portugal or even in India through Sony ESPN. Additionally, they have a presence on the Internet with their channel on Twitch and the broadcasts of their own video platform, Global Wrestling Network.

Here is the commercial for IMPACT Wrestling on 52MX:


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