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By Mike Johnson on 2018-06-03 00:14:00

The West Goshen Township Police Department in West Chester, PA officially released this evening that Charles "Chuck" Williams aka Rockin' Rebel and his wife Stephanie were discovered yesterday in their West Chester, PA home.

The initial belief, according to a release issued by the department (reprinted below) is that Williams shot and killed his wife and then later killed himself.  That is the version that had been making the rounds among those in the business over the last day.

We issue our deepest condolences to the Williams family as they deal with a truly unfathomable tragedy.

The press release reads as follows:

Further information regarding the June 1st shooting in the 300 block of North Five Points Road: The decedents were a married couple in their fifties named Charles and Stephanie Williams. The Williams family resided at [deleted by].

Both appear to have died as a result of gunshot wounds that occurred sometime in the overnight hours. Initial indications support that Stephanie Williams was shot by her husband. Charles Williams then fatally shot himself.

The investigation is ongoing in conjunction with the Chester County Coroner’s Office.

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