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By Himanshu D on 2018-06-02 08:25:00

*Gama Singh came in and cut a pre-match promo about India being #1 in everything. Desi Hit Squad came out and had their match vs. Z&E. He distracted the ref after Everett hit his big moonsault and got the rollup win.

*Trevor Lee v. Rich Swann was great. Swann got the win. 

*D'Angelo Williams had an interview, interrupted by Austin Aries and got beat by a chair.

*Eli Drake beat Grado.

*Eddie Edwards interrupted a match between Xavier and Everett before it even started with a kendo stick and cut a promo on Tommy Dreamer.

*Madison Rayne promo interrupted by Tessa, Su Yung's screams hit and Tessa knocked Rayne out with a surprise hook.

*Madison Rayne v. Tessa Blanchard, Rayne wins and Tessa gets a post match beat down.

*Tag match of Madison Rayne and Allie v. Su Yung and a bridesmaid. Tessa runs in while the ref was knocked and beat down Rayne but Allie fought her off. They got the win on the bridesmaid.

*Sami Callahan and OVE also beat the hell out of Sam Osborne. They put Pentagon Jr.'s mask on him and beat him bad. Turned a match into kinda a promo.

*Austin Aries vs. Aiden Prince was a good match. They fought after and Prince sent the fans home happy.

*Kongo Kong and Matt Sydal beat two locals.

*Dezmond Xavier beat Phil Atlas.

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