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By Dave Scherer on 2018-06-04 10:00:00

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Assuming WWE created Big Cass' new theme music was produced in-house, was it by design that they made the opening guitar riff to sound very similar to CM Punk's theme, Cult of Personality?  Hard to believe it's pure coincidence that the songs sound alike.

Since the two are nothing alike, I don’t see any real reason to do that.  If they had a guy who was similar to Punk, I could see wondering but Cass is not that guy to me.

Given all the talent that WWE has signed over the past several years, it allows for the possibility of "dream matches" that we have either never seen, or would never have thought possible to happen in WWE.  Joe/Bryan would have been one of them.  What are some others that you would like to see?  I'll throw out Joe/Bryan/Styles 3 way for the title as one.

Given that what a hardcore fan sees as a “dream match” doesn’t often align with what WWE Creative sees as one, I don’t get into hypotheticals.  For instance, I would have loved to have seen Bryan and Joe on Tuesday.  But, they threw Cass in there.  Plus, a dream match, to me, also involves booking.  Would I love to see Johnny Gargano wrestle Tommaso Ciampa on an indy?  Sure, but it meant so much more in NXT due to the story they told to get me there.  That matters a lot to me.

I really liked how they booked Neville as the cruiser weight champion. He wasn't a coward, he didn't get help, he had great matches, and most importantly he won his matches cleanly. Since Vince has final say in all things creative, does this prove that he can book well if he really wants to and puts his mind to it, or were there other factors at play here?

No, what it proves is that sometimes he will book in a way that you appreciate, or allow his team to do so.  Booking is a subjective thing, for sure.  I don’t always like Vince’s booking but when you look at what he has created in WWE, I have to give him credit for what his vision has achieved.

Ok, watching RAW and Nia Jax, the companies inspiration to standing up to bullies is now throwing a smaller woman around the ring, mocking her. Have I missed something or do WWE creative just expect me to forget the past 4 months and accept she’s a heel this week?

You watched Raw so you missed nothing.  They do 180s all the time without explanation.  

When Impact wrestling's TV deal with POP expires who do you believe would be interested in having them on their network? Because they have to want to go somewhere else.

They wanted to go somewhere else before they renewed.  There weren’t any takers.  If they keep doing the amount of viewers that they are now, I don’t see that changing.

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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