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By Dave Scherer on 2018-05-30 10:00:00

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Do you suppose that having billions of dollars on the line, Vince might finally rethink his game plan?  Certain opportunities surely will be there but even more roadblocks will come up.  Thinking in a purely business sense won't it be best for him to *ahem* do what's best for business rather than his whims?  Or will it be as usual and everyone gets the shaft by running a good thing into the ground?

I hate to be the one to burst your bubble, but I have to.  The reason that WWE is getting all that money is not on speculation as to what the product can become but rather exactly what it is.  Vince McMahon got all of that money by delivering the product that you don’t like, so that means that unless things go really south, he has no reason to change what he is doing to appeal to the hardcore fans out there.  I am not saying I wouldn’t like some tweaks to the product, because I would.  But at the end of the day, he did it his way and got paid a ton of money.  There is no reason for him to change the way that he operates.

If you take out the job that he does behind the scenes, which is no doubt demanding and by especially with NXT a job which he excels at, and you focus simply on him as a performer for WWE. Is there an argument that HHH is not even equal, but worse than Brock Lesnar for coming in a few times a year, taking a role and being VERY well paid? I mean, take last calendar year. He worked the UK tour, pinned Jinder at house show in India, worked and won the Survivor Series before disappearing and re-appearing for an angle with Ronda Rousey which was designed to bring in the biggest outside interest of the year. Compare that to Brock Lesnar working title matches with Joe, Braun, 4 way at Summerslam. Survivor series, Royal rumble and Wrestlemania as well as numerous house shows, it sure does seem Brock gets a rough deal in comparison when he works more than HHH as a performer?

Sometimes I wonder what people are thinking when they send questions, this is one of those times.  Brock has been the CHAMPION for the last year plus.  Triple H worked big events when the company needed names.  Brock beat everyone he faced.  Triple H helped elevate Ronda Rousey at WrestleMania.  Brock gets paid significantly more to wrestle than Triple H.  Brock works the exact amount of dates he is contracted to work.  HHH works whenever Vince McMahon needs him to.  I see no merit at all in your argument.  None.

So with the new TV deal with Smackdown, do you see talents getting paid enormous contracts in the future? Like how the NBA players got after their TV deal.

No, you won’t see that.  The NBA is a union shop.  They have a collective bargaining agreement with the league where they negotiate the pay structure.  The WWE wrestlers don’t have that luxury.  I hope that money trickles down to the wrestlers from the new TV deals, and I think it will, but it’s not going to be on the percentage that major league sports players get.  Collective bargaining is the difference.

Why did Lilian Garcia’s podcast leave Podcast One?

The word is that it was financial, like everyone else that has left the company.

Did WWE's new deal with FOX have any impact on the UFC moving from FOX to ESPN?  Did FOX decide to essentially replace UFC with WWE, which has a similar target audience but brings in much more revenue and viewership than the UFC?  Or are the WWE and UFC deals totally separate and independent of each other?

Given the amount of money that FOX paid WWE, it’s pretty clear that they valued WWE over UFC.  Once the fall comes, they will have a four night block of NFL on Thursday, WWE on Friday, College Football/Major League Baseball on Saturday and NFL games on Sunday afternoons.  UFC could have fit into that Friday spot too.  They chose to go after WWE instead.

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