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By Mike Johnson on 2018-05-21 23:31:00

With WWE moving to co-branded PPVs featuring talents from both Raw and Smackdown, one of the most asked questions among readers was whether WWE intended to extend the length of their PPVs to accomodate all that talent.  It appears that answer is yes. has been told by several sources that WWE reached out to international broadcast partners, including SkyTV and InDemand PPV to inform them that as of the 6/17 Money in the Bank PPV, their PPV events will kick off at 7 PM Eastern/4 PM Pacific (which means a Kickoff Show at 6 PM) and that the PPVs could run as long as four hours.

We are also told that cornerstone events, such as Summerslam, etc. could run longer.

In Demand's website currently lists Money in the Bank as starting at 6:30 PM EST, as they carry the final 30 minutes of the Kickoff Show leading into the PPV. has reached out to WWE for comment.


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