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By Barry Delehanty on 2018-05-19 19:39:00

For Tommy Dreamer's first show in Massachusetts, it was a pretty decent turn out for having solely social media advertising. I’d say between 200/300 in the crowd. 

Lots of locals on the show. I gotta give it to Tommy, he had a stacked roster and crew of guys that are pretty much a who’s who in NXT and on 205 at this point. He’s still chugging along and I thought he put on a solid debut. 

Bull James beat the “Retrosexual” Anthony Green with the Platinum Honeys. This guy was pure sleaze at first sight, and I mean that in a good way. Bull beat him in a physical comedy match. 

Chelsea Green lost to Alexxis. Chelsea got the crowd going when she started smearing lipstick all over her face. Pretty good match. 

Acey Baby (Ace Romero) took on Joey Mercury. Big heel heat on Joey. Lots of stalling in this one but it was pretty stiff. Mercury slapped the shit out of Acey and he was leaking from his now. Joey bragged about breaking it. Mercury won after Acey attempted a dive out of the ring and pretty much lost steam mid-air and blew it. 

Teddy Gooderz beat Paradyse who came out with Rebel. Paradyse was pretty flamboyant, telling the ref to check Teddy’s a** for weapons. When he refused, he went ass up in the corner and told the ref to check his. Pretty entertaining stuff. Teddy won the match. 

Josh Briggs, who looks like Aquaman in the Justice League movie, beat Dirty Dickinson who looks essentially like a smaller, less ripped Cesaro. 

They had a match for the Chaotic Wrestling Title with Tommy Dreamer taking on JT Dunn and Alex Reynolds. At one point they’re double teaming Reynolds and Dunn winds up nailing Dreamer. Good exchange “it’s a title match. I’m trying to win.” Dreamer nails him back, “I hardly ever win."  JT Dunn retained the CW title. Crowd loves Tommy. 

Willie Mack took on Brian Cage. It was my first time getting to see Willie Mack in person. He and Cage easily had match of the night and for me, it was worth the $25 bucks I threw down for a ticket. I assume it’ll air on twitch at some point. Crowd was very impressed with how agile Chocolate Thunder is for his size. Mack retained. 

The Squad World Order beat the Mill City Hooligans in a six man tag. Kenny and Mikey are thoroughly entertaining. They’ve got an sWo “trainee” Randy with them. They talked a lot of trash to the fans and it was good stuff. Kenny is really good on the mic. Frankly, I think he’s far more interested than Ziggler ever has been, but a good four people in the crowd still asked for Nicky. Squad won the match. Squad had some supporters in the crowd for sure with Kenny being a local guy. 

The Main event was a Boston Street Fight with Sami Callihan taking on Edwards. Started the match brawling through the “backstage” area and onto the floor. Really nostalgic feeling for me as an older fan who’d gone to old ECW shows in the late 90’s and having them brawl through the crowd, getting tossed into rows of chairs. It was all weapons legal, but it was mostly just a trash can, a chair, and a Singapore Cane which was absolutely annihilated off the head of the guy trying to tell them it was no longer a no rules street fight. It was a brutal shot. Eddie Edwards won the match and they ended the show. 

Hopefully they’ll make a return down the line as it was a good time. I like what Dreamers doing and hopefully he’s able to pump up the roster a bit.... until it probably gets poached by Vince again. 

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