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By Dave Scherer on 2018-05-20 10:00:00

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I heard about Jerry Lawler recently calling out Dave Meltzer on a podcast, calling him a sensationalist and a propagator of fake news. Personally, I think that reporters like Meltzer and you guys do a terrific job reporting on wrestling, and that you do it with utmost professionalism. Listening to Lawler's comments, do you think that it's just a case of trying to bury Meltzer and place a negative spin on wrestling journalism, or do you think Lawler's comments come from a real, albeit misguided, place?

I honestly can’t say since I didn’t hear what Lawler said.  If he cited a specific incident that was reported and he says it’s not true, it would be one thing.  If he didn’t cite examples it could be what you said.  I would need more information to give an informed opinion and I don’t have it.  

Do you think the Dudley Boyz' induction into the HOF will allow for a more regular acceptance of ECW veterans into the Hall in the coming years?

I really don’t think one has anything to do with the other.  The Dudleys were big stars in WWE so it’s not like they were inducted based off of their time in ECW.  I would hope that guys like The Sandman and Tommy Dreamer could merit induction down the road based off of their ECW runs but that is for WWE to decide.

Did the WWF have a developmental territory in the 1980s and early 90s?

They didn’t.  Around the mid 90s they started helping territories like Smoky Mountain, The USWA and ECW but they didn’t have developmental territories then.

Ok I can't be the only one thinking this, do you think the whole John Cena/Nikki Bella thing is a work to promote Total Bellas/Divas?  

I think it’s the opposite, that only the biggest of suckers believes any of this is real.

I know the site often strays away from relationship topics, but it's been ALL over outlets because of their public appearances talking about it. But I want to call out how bogus I'm seeing this whole Cena and Nikki thing is. Too many conflicting statements from each. Nikki says Cena doesn't want kids, Cena takes the high road and says he respects her decision even if he's heart-broken. Then Cena says he wants kids, and Nikki says she broke it off because SHE needs to work on herself, not Cena. It's so convoluted that I feel like someone is writing this instead of it being real, making it "Made for TV". Either WWE is scripting this, Cena and Nikki are juicing the story to generate buzz, or both Cena and Nikki have no clue on the sanctimony of a relationship. What are your thoughts?

I don’t see any way that this isn’t all being done for Total Bellas.  It’s a poorly written storyline and just insipid.  Just from a logic standpoint, if your girl breaks up with you because you don’t want kids, then you change your mind, you CALL HER and talk to her.  You don’t go on TV.  Going on TV to deal with things in your personal life is a page out of the WWE playbook.  I don’t know who is booking it, but someone is.  For sure.

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