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By Paul Jordan on 2018-05-17 09:01:00

This week's Highspots Wrestling Network updates:

A Gentleman and A Scholar Jimmy Havoc hosted by Excalibur and Dan Barry!

Yo MJEFF! Welcome to the first episode of "A Gentleman and A Scholar" with Jimmy Havoc! This show is the C-rated show of the Best Friends Expanded Universe.

Who's the Gentleman? Who's the Scholar? We will let you decide.

We welcome you to the experience of wrestling and so much more deep S*** that you will be entertained from start to finish!

Topics include:



-Gun Control


-Megadeath vs. Metallica

-Ignoring Scott Steiner

-HBK's hair cut

And so much more!!

Wrestletopia Presents Fight for the Mind 2

One of the biggest events in pro wrestling, Fight for the Mind II, will feature Tommy Dreamer, Chase Stevens, Tracy Smothers and Dr. Tom Pritchard.The Barbarians, The Slambinos with Stormie Lee, Rebel, Ryan Rogan, Foxx Vinyard, Damien Wayne and so many more top stars!!

Due to unforeseen technical issues the commentary was lost for this event

IPW CZW Extreme Measures 2018

IPW & CZW partner up for 2018's Extreme Measures LIVE from Clapham Grand in London!

IPW Undisputed World Championship Match: Mark Haskins (c) vs Joe Gacy

CZW World Championship Match: MJF (c) vs Chris Brookes

Ultimate Deathmatch: Matt Tremont vs Jimmy Havoc

Champions vs Champions: CZW Tag Team Champions The REP vs IPW Tag Team Champions Filthy Club

'All Ego' Ethan Page vs 'Battletested' Rob Lynch

Chief Deputy Dunne vs David Starr

Jonny Storm & Ashley Dunn vs Jay Garner & ????

EPIC: The 14 Year Anniversary Event 3/16/18 - 115 Bourbon Street - Merrionette Park, IL

1. Ace Romero vs. Hakim Zane

2. Air Buds (Trey Miguel & Stephen Wolf) vs. Zachary Wentz & Dezmond Xavier

3. Myron Reed vs. Zema Ion

4. Curt Stallion, Jake Something, & Connor Braxton vs. Colt Cabana, Mat Fitchett, & Davey Vega

5. AAW Women's Championship: Hudson Envy vs. Jessica Havok (c)

6. Eddie Kingston vs. Sami Callihan

7. Maxwell Jacob Friedman vs. PACO

8. Oi4k (Jake & Dave Crist) vs. Joey Janela & Teddy Hart

9. Moose vs. Keith Lee

10. WRSTLING (Trevor Lee & David Starr) vs. ACH & Justin Thunder Liger

Demand Lucha! presents...MASCARAMANIA 2: TURBO

Alliance Banquet Hall  Saturday, April 21st

1. Open Challenge: -Seraphis vs Crazy Clown Zekey

-Seraphis vs Daniel Parker

2. Lucha Chaos Scramble: -Rory Gulak vs Travis Huckabee vs Louis Lyndon vs Ashton Wagandha vs The Whisper

3. Ladies of Lucha: -Gisele Shaw vs Jessie Mack

4. Openweight Championship Match: -Chip Punk vs Buck Gunderson (c)

5. #1 Contendership for the Tag Team Championships: The Northern Touch (Carter Mason & Lionel Knight) vs -Intergalactic Rockstars (Mysterious Movado & Freddie Mercurio)

6. Lucha Premier Championship: -Josh Alexander vs Ophidian (c) w/ The Serpent Society

7. Impromptu Main Event:-Serpentico vs Aiden Prince

Northeast Wrestling Presents Luchamania

Waterbury, CT 4/20/18

1. Kasey Catal vs. Karen Q

2. Sexy Beast Bull Dredd vs. Chris Battle

3. “Man Scout” Jake Manning vs. Sam Adonis

4. Rey Fenix vs. Christian Casanova

5. King Brian Anthony & The Amazing Graysons vs. Adrenaline Rush & Ron Zombie

6. Brad Hollister & Josh Briggs vs. Wrecking Ball Legursky & Brian Milonas w/ Jared Silberkleit

7. NEW Heavyweight Title Match: Flip Gordon vs. Penta el 0M

Rockstar Pro - Gem City Slam 2018 iPPV

1. Nate Wings Vs Aeroboy

2. Myron Reed / Trey Miguel Vs The Night Ryderz - Clayton Jackson/Dustin Rayz (C) - Rockstar Pro Trios Tag Team Title Match

3.Ron Mathis Vs Larry D - 3 Stages of Hell Match

4. Gem City Slam - 30 Men Over The Top Match

5. Jeremiah Vs Jon Murray (C) - Rockstar Pro World Title Match


IGNITE Wrestling returns to Vero Beach, FL with an afternoon of wrestling and Cinco De Mayhem at Walking Tree Brewery.


Rey Fury


Kaci Lennox

Eye Candy Elliot

Beastly Brody

Tripp Cassidy

Aaron Epic

Aspyn Rose

Shawn Kemp

Johnathan Wolfe

Matt Knicks

Craig Cohn

Carlos Gabriel

Andrew Merlin

Matt Kenway

Amy Rose

Ari Alvarado

Wolfe Taylor

Chris Crunk

Stevie Fierce

Best of SAW 110 Proof

IPW Live at Unit Nine 1


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