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By Brian Cannon on 2018-05-17 07:03:00

This is the OVW Report for Wednesday, May 16, 2018. This episode can be seen on WBNA-21 in the Louisville area on Saturday at 11AM and 9PM, and online at In this episode, Logan James defends the TV Title against Sam Thompson, we find out who will be the next #1 contender for the OVW Heavyweight Title, the Southern Tag Team Champions are in action, plus more!

Without further ado:

Here we go...

Pre-Show Dark Matches:


"Wrestling's Rockstar" Ryan Howe defeats Christian Hernandez. They lock up and Howe clean breaks, but Hernandez spins him around in the corner. Howe reverses and kicks him. He throws him to the opposite corner and runs into a big boot. Hernandez jumps off the ropes, but into a dropkick. Howe with the sliding uppercut. Hernandez fires back and hits a big back elbow that knocks Howe out of the ring. Howe drags him outside and hits him, then kicks him in the head from the apron. He goes up top and hits a double axehandle. He hits the Guitar Solo for the 3. 

"Shotgun" Tony Gunn defeats BGB. Gunn with a shoulder block, then a knee to the gut. BGB spins around for a quick rollup. Gunn kicks out and hits him in the corner. BGB comes back and hits Gunn's head into the turnbuckle. He delivers a suplex. Gunn back in control after pulling BGB into the turnbuckle. He pounds him and tries to pin for 2. He throws him to the corner and BGB flips him to the apron. Gunn hits his head into the turnbuckle, then hits the springboard knee to the face for 2. He locks in a rear chinlock. Back up, Gunn hits a running knee in the corner. He pulls the kneepad down and goes for another, but BGB moves. BGB with a running uppercut and Lou Thesz press. He dropkicks Gunn to the corner and charges with a splash. He goes for a bulldog out of the corner, but Gunn throws him off. Gunn kicks him in the back of the leg and delivers the reverse DDT for the 3.

OVW Anarchy Champion "The Man" Dapper Dan defeats "The Vet"Apollo. Apollo with side headlocks and hits to the throat and face. Dan back with a slam and a splash in the corner. Apollo takes out the knee and works it over. He hits Dan in the face and then in the throat. He jumps off the second rope, but Dan catches him with a shot to the gut. Dan delivers a release German suplex, then connects with the Death Valley Driver for the 3.


That concludes tonight's pre-show dark matches. I always recommend watching the episode first on TV or online before reading the rest of the report. Again, you can check it out on WBNA-21 in the Louisville area Saturdays at 11AM and 9PM (check local listings) and on OVW's official website Mondays at


Dr. Ted McNaler, Shannon the Dude, & Gilbert Corsey are on commentary, and Brittany is the ring announcer.


OVW Women's Champion Cali Young defeats Hayley Shadows. Cali with an arm drag takedown. Hayley back with a knee and pin attempt. Cali takes her back down and gets her locked in the reverse armbreaker for a quick and decisive victory.


Gilbert Corsey is in the ring and brings out Ryan Howe. Howe says everyone knows he's back to become Heavyweight Champion again. He says he knows as a former 2x champion how to separate business and pleasure. He says Justin Smooth doesn't know how to do that after he kickedRandall Floyd in the face.

He says to come out and give him an explanation. Smooth says he doesn't owe anyone an explanation. He says Howe stuck his nose where it didn't belong. He is on the up and rising and will be the next champion.

Randall Floyd comes out and says Smooth is right, Howe stuck his nose where it didn't belong, but so did Smooth. If it wasn't for them, he'd be champion. The ref would still be counting the pin on Michael Hayes.

Hayes comes out and says there is a ranking system. Howe is 3rd, Smooth is 4th, and Floyd has fallen to 6th. He says since they are so adamant about laying hands on each other, how about they all face each other in a round robin tournament and maybe the winner will get a shot at him. Floyd says he wants Smooth tonight, and Smooth accepts.


OVW TELEVISION TITLE MATCH: "The Boy Wonder" Sam Thompson vs. "The River City Dragon" Logan James (c)LJ attacks Sam upon his entrance at ringside. He throws him into the ring and continues to club and stomp him. LJ hits a big back elbow for 2. He rips Sam's shirt off and continues to pound him. Sam with a forearm, but LJ hits him into the ropes and slaps his chest. LJ picks him up and slaps him hard again. LJ with a big suplex for 2. Off the ropes, Sam comes back with a sunset flip for 2. LJ with a rear chinlock and a club across the chest. LJ throws Sam into the corner. He chrges, but Sam moves and rolls him up for 2. LJ back on the attack. He locks the chinlock back in. He stomps Sam in the back. Sam tries to fire back again. LJ continues to work Sam over and choke him in the ropes. Sam with a kick to the head. He goes up top, but LJ hits the ropes for Sam to fall. LJ with a kick to the head and Sam falls to the mat. He tries to pin for 2. LJ goes for the knee to the face, but Sam moves. He rolls him up for 2. He takes LJ down with clotheslines and a twisting neckbreaker. LJ catches him with a backbreaker. He goes up top, and Sam moves. Sam hits the Duck Call, but the 10 minute time limit expires before the 3 count! LJ remains champion due to a time limit draw.


OVW Southern Tag Team Champions "The Bro Godz": Colton Cage & Dustin Jackson defeat Lukas Jacobs & Andrew Thomas.The Bros work over Lukas' arm and spell "BRO" with fists in the corner. Lukas gets away and tags Andrew. He runs into a side slam from Colton, then the Bros deliver Bro 69 for 2. Andrew tags Lukas and they try to double team Colton, but Colton double clotheslines both of them. Lukas and Andrew are in opposite corners and Dustin hits the running BRO-theslines on them several times from corner to corner. He powerslams Andrew, then him and Colton deliver the Snapshot to Lukas for the 3.


"The Trinidadian Titan" Justin Smooth defeats "The Real Deal" Randall Floyd. Ryan Howe joins commentary before the match. The two lock up and exchange some slaps. A lot of early mat wrestling where they try to keep one another grounded. Off the ropes, they run into each other and neither budges. Floyd then catches Smooth with a dropkick and he rolls out to take a breather. They try to slam one another, but each man slides out and Smooth rolls him up for 2. Floyd then takes Smooth down for 2. Floyd hits a flurry of fists and chops. He goes for the cutter, but Smooth shoves him off and nails the bicycle kick for the 3!

After the match, Michael Hayes comes out. He tells Smooth congratulations, but he wants all of them to hear this. They can continue to beat the crap out of each other, but he doesn't make the decisions. So Howe is still 3rd, Smooth is still 4th, and Floyd is probably not even 6th after 2 L's in a row. He's not sure who the #1 contender is, but it's none of them.Amon & the Void come to ringside. Amon grabs the microphone from Hayes and says "I am". Hayes looks concerned as Amon laughs and goes back with the Void.


This ended the TV taping.


Post-Show Dark Matches:


William Lutz & "The Top Guys": Kevin Giza & "The Winter Swoldier" Adam Slade defeat DL3, Dimes, & "Livewire" KTD (w/Jaylee)Lutz & KTD start out. Lutz with a side headlock and tag to Slade. They drop KTD with a double back elbow. Slade tags Giza in and they deliver a double hip toss and double kicks to the face. Dimes distracts the ref and Slade. DL3 enters and tosses Giza over the top rope to the floor. They work Giza over in their corner and DL3 hits a clothesline off Dimes back in the corner. KTD tags in and grabs Giza by the leg. Giza with an enziguri and tag to Slade. Slade with running uppercuts corner to corner on Dimes & KTD. He super kicks Dimes, but gets blasted from behind by DL3. DL3 then tosses Lutz out. KTD goes for a spinning forearm on Slade, but hits DL3. The Top Guys hit their finisher for the 3 on KTD.


Big Zo defeats Shiloh Jonze. Zo takes Shiloh down early with his power, and Shiloh is frustrated. He shoulder tackles Shiloh down and out of the ring. Zo goes after him, but Shiloh hits him. Zo reverses and hits Shiloh's head off the apron. He throws him hard into the corner and then into the other. He goes for a slam, but Shiloh slides off onto the apron and pulls Zo's head down across the top rope. He misses the jiggy kneedrop and Zo chops Shiloh. He hits him into the corner and goes for the cartwheel butt bump, but Shiloh knees him in the back. He leaps at him, but Zo catches him for a slam and delivers the Zo bomb for the 3.

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