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By Mike Johnson on 2018-05-12 18:50:00

Welcome to's live, ongoing coverage of the Ring of Honor War of the World 2018 tour from Royal Oak, Michigan at the Royal Oak Music Theatre.

Tonight's event will stream live for ROH Honorclub members (you can subscribe at  The show will air also live on The Fite App, (which you can download at this link for free.)

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Scott D. sent word that before the show went on the air, The Dawgs defeated Facade and Buddy Hanlon.

Ian Riccaboni and Colt Cabana welcomed everyone to the show.

EVIL vs. Shane Taylor.

The two big men tested each other’s power early on.  EVIL charged but was shoulderblocked down.  He charged EVIL in the corner but was kicked away.  EVIL nailed a series of chops.  He shoulderblocked Taylor down.  He went for a waistlock but was caught with a back elbow.  Taylor worked over EVIL, but the crowd chanted “Cleveland sucks” at him.  EVIL fired back with some chops but was taken down and beaten with a series of right hands.

Taylor nailed EVIL with a judo throw and followed up with a big splash for a two count.  The crowd chanted for EVIL, trying to rally the New Japan star.   He kicked off Taylor as he charged, then nailed a clothesline and a neckbreaker.   Taylor came back and nailed a slingshot, snapping EVIL’s throat into the bottom rope.   Taylor nailed a legdrop across EVIL’s chest on the apron.  EVIL went to the floor.  Taylor followed, leading to EVIL placing a chair around Taylor’s neck and then striking him with another chair.  The crowd loved that and chanted for EVIL.

EVIL controlled Taylor until being caught with a lariat for a two count.  Taylor went for the top but missed a big splash.   EVIL powered him up on his shoulders and nailed a sit-down Michinoku Driver, but was too spent to make the cover attempt.  They fought to their feet and battered each other back and forth until Taylor scored with a big knee strike.  Taylor nailed a powerbomb but EVIL kicked up at the last second.

EVIL nailed a German suplex and followed up with a big lariat.   Everything EVIL finally spelled the end for Taylor.

Your winner, EVIL!

Nice, hard-hitting opener.  EVIL had a really nice run this week with his performances.  Taylor looked good here as well.

Sumie Sakai & Stella Grey vs. Jenny Rose & Tenille Dashwood

Sumie and Jenny side started off, previewing their title match tomorrow in Chicago.  It got very physical as soon as the bell rang.  Gray tagged in and grabbed a side headlock and looked good in going back and forth with Rose.  Rose nailed a spinning sidewalk slam, then tagged in Dashwood.  He used a La Magistral takeover for a two count.

Dashwood let Grey tag out, calling out Sumie.  They went back and forth, which was the best back and forth wrestling thus far this week from any of the female competitors.   Gray and Rose tagged in.  Gray kicked her down and dropped an elbow.  Rose nailed a nice DDT for a two count.  She locked in a Boston Crab.

Dashwood tagged in and nailed a neckbreaker through the ropes.  Dashwood and Rose tagged in and out, working over Gray.  Rose worked over Gray, who made the hot tag to Sumie.  Sakai sailed with a good missile dropkick for a two count on Rose, then nailed the Saito suplex.  She and Gray nailed the old Quebecers finisher.  Dashwood locked Gray in the Tarantula.

Rose finally scored pinfall on Gray.

Your winners, Tenille Dashwood and Jenny Rose!

It made sense for Rose to get the win as she’s challenging for the title tomorrow.  OK match.

After the match, Rose grabbed the WOH Championship and looed at it, then handed it to Sakai.  They got into a brawl.  Sajaki went for an ankle lock but was kicked off.  Several officials got between them.

Punishment Martinez vs. Adam Page.

Page attacked Martinez from behind with a chair before the bell and pulled out a table from under the ring.  Security tried to stop him but got wrecked.  Martinez was smashed through the table.  Referee Paul Turner made him leave ringside.  Martinez recovered and began throwing hands at anyone who was near him.

I guess this was tossed out before it officially began.  It was a fun, chaotic brawl for the short time Page's attack went on.

They noted that Jay Lethal was injured last night and would not be appearing.  They said he wasn't at the show tonight.  We hear he is OK but was really rocked by the powerbomb spot, so the company wanted him to be safe and rest.

Kenny King vs. Matt Taven vs. SANADA vs. Marty Scurll.

SANADA and Scurll had some nice back and forth action before flapping their wings to the audience, which enjoyed it.  The crowd was really into Scurll.  Everyone attacked him and triple-teamed him.  Taven was sent hard into the barricade.  King and SANADA had some great exchanges before facing off.  It very quickly turned into a series of faced paced reversals and big spots with everyone getting involved, building to a Tower of Doom spot.  They then went into a series of multi-man submissions.

They went into a comedy bit where King and Taven were trapped in the Paradise Lock with the villains teasing they were, well, going to shove umbrellas where the sun doesn’t sign.  Referee Todd Sinclair didn’t allow that, so SANADA nailed dropkicks.  He and Scurll celebrated, but then Scurll attacked him.  They went at it.  

King grabbed SANADA in the Last Chancery.  Taven had Scurll covered for a pin but the referee didn’t see it as he was watching for the submission.  Taven argued with the referee, allowing Scurll to nail him and score the pin.

Your winner, Marty Scurll!

All action and it was fun.  Very much a greatest hits deal.  Way too much to cover here.

The finish plays into the story that Taven believes there is a conspiracy out to stop him and the Kingdom.

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