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By Dave Scherer on 2018-05-15 10:00:00

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I'm a HUGE Lesnar "Mark". I cheered him busting open Cena when he first came back, I applauded and chanted his name when he beat the Undertaker at 'Mania, etc.  However, even I am at the point where I want to see a new champion (and have wanted one since Summer Slam of 2017).  I think they've dropped the ball with Reigns (and others) winning it a number of times, but gotta ask; at this point who do you think SHOULD be the performer to take it off Brock and how do you feel WWE should handle that title reign?  Transition, build up multiple contenders by swapping it around like the attitude era, etc?  

As I type this on Saturday I will go with Seth Rollins.  He is on FIRE of late.  He already has said that unlike Lesnar, he is there every week.  The fans love him and will pop big time if he wins.  Then, you can save Braun Strowman for later on, down the line.  

Don't you think people who are criticizing WWE for having their event in Saudi Arabia are being hypocritical and unfair? The US continues to support Saudi Arabia despite all of their human rights issues, the UK continues to provide them with arms despite the ongoing war in Yemen, the US supports Israel despite their abuse of Palestinians, and throughout history the US and Europe have supported many leaders and dictators across the world who have committed human rights abuses (and that's putting it mildly) including Saddam Hussein himself. A lot of these countries also have, and in some cases continue to have, their own history of human rights issues, such as the US and their history of slavery and subsequent treatment of black people and Europe and their history of colonialism, and it took them decades if not centuries, to reach where they are now. So people need to ease up on WWE, a company who is in the business of making money like any other company and who have made it clear that they don't agree with some of the cultural aspects of Saudi Arabia and who frankly are doing a lot to promote diversity ad inclusion.

Those people are only hypocritical if they ONLY rip WWE for doing business in Saudi Arabia but not the others you mention.  If they rip them all, then they are consistent.  But if they are only outraged that WWE does business there, then yes, they are hypocritical.

I know you have probably have heard this before about the cage match at the GRR but, how could Brock have won the match as his body was not on the floor first? It was on the fallen cage.  And his feet were not on the floor first they were up higher on the fallen cage.  Reigns was on the floor body and feet first.  I know this is the WWE and they interpret things anyway they want, and this is no exception, I just think it was a little over the top in the blatant twisting of the rules.  And no, I did not want Reigns to win.  I am not a fan of his, nor Lesnar’s.

I made the same point the day of the show.  Not only did his feet not hit the floor first which was the stipulation, but he was on the cage, not the floor.  It made no sense. Then the next day, when they saw what really happened, they did nothing.  It was ridiculous.  The Title should have been held up.  It was a really poorly booked finish.

Has Mike received his apology yet from the reader who berated him for “falsely” reporting that Paige was retiring due to her injury in January?

Of course not.  Keyboard warriors like that rarely come back and do a mea culpa.  That is what makes them keyboard warriors.

I know Paige isn't that old, what 25-26, but has there been any talk of her helping in the WWE Office with the Women's division?  

Right now she is the Smackdown GM.  I hope she does well and that role and can stay in it.  I said at the time of her injury that I would love to see her work with the young talent in Orlando.  She has a lot she can share with and teach them.

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