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By Mike Johnson on 2018-05-11 23:02:00

Welcome to’s live, ongoing coverage of War of the Worlds: Toronto!

If you missed WOTW: Lowell this past Wednesday, you can check out our coverage by clicking here.

Tonight's event will stream live for ROH Honorclub members (you can subscribe at  The show will air also live on The Fite App, (which you can download at this link for free.)

I hereby dedicate tonight's coverage to FOX's Lucifer, which was sadly canceled today after three great seasons.  Everyone involved did a great job on that show, and I hope it finds a new home, as much of a longshot as that may be.  Here's to them!

WOTW: Toronto opened up with Ian Riccaboni and Colt Cabana running down the top matches.  They noted that due to Dalton Castles’s injury there would be a change to the eight man tag.

IWGP United States Champion Jay White vs. Punishment Martinez

They faced off and early on, Martinez was nailed but was unable to be moved. White was nailed with some big shots.  They went to the floor, where White tried to come off the apron but was nailed.  Martinez drilled him hard into the barricades several times.  The first time, White hit so hard the sign came off the barricade.

Back in the ring, Martinez continued his assault on White.  Adam Page joined the announcers, talking about his upcoming TV title bout.  Martinez cut off White with a big right hand.  White snapped him with a dropkick, dazing the challenger.  White unloaded with a series of chops and whipped him into the ropes, nailing a flying forearm.

White went for a suplex, but Martinez blocked it.  Martinez was caught with some chops.  White nailed a nice cannonball into the corner and scored a two count.    White continued beating on Martinez with the chops.  They only served to psych up Martinez.  Hey, he has told us in interviews he loves the physicality.  Martinez regained control and nailed a spear off the ropes for a two count.

Martinez drilled White with the Psycho Driver, but the Champion kicked up at the last second.  Martinez missed a curb stomp and was caught with a Flatliner.  The Champ nailed a German suplex.  He called for Blade Runner but Martinez powered out and went for a chokeslam.  They kept countering each other until Martinez smashed him with a curbstomp for a two count.

Martinez went to the floor and threw a security guard aside before grabbing the chair the guard was sitting in.  Adam Page ran down and grabbed the chair from his hand.  That distracted Martinez, allowing White to nail the Blade Runner and score the pinfall.

Your winner and still IWGP United States Champion, Jay White

The physicality in the match was good, but the finish seemed like an old WCW finish where everyone had to be protected so in reality, no one got anything out of it.  It leaves the door open for Page vs. Martinez, which is set for tomorrow in Dearborn.  I really liked the work.

They noted Ian missed the Lowell show stuck in the Indianapolis airport.  

Bully Ray made his way to the ring.  He got a pop and an short ECW chant.  He was playing full on Bubba Ray Dudley heel.  He demanded his music be stopped and then complained about streamers being thrown, saying they were stupid.  He told the fans to never throw them at him again, so of course the ring was inundated with them.  Ray glared at everyone.  The fans chanted, "We want streamers."  Ray said that if there's one thing that pisses him off, it's disrespectful "millennial, snowflake marks like you."  A fan threw a streamer and hit him.

He said that everyone will sit there all day and talk smack, but at the end of the day, none of them have the balls to shut him up.  The fans chanted, "We want D-Von." He asked them why they want the co-star when the star is here.  He said between the disrespectful millennial marks and millennial young boys, someone is getting beat up.  He demanded someone play some music so someone can come out and get their ass kicked.

Cheeseburger's music played and he came out holding his ribs.  He said he wasn't afraid and would face Bully.

It was all Bully early on, wiping out Burger, until Burger caught him with a low blow while Ray was on the buckles.  Burger went for a rana off the top but Ray caught him and powerbombed him.  They sold it like Burger was dead.  Ray ripped on the fans, then took his chain and brought it into the ring.  Ray nailed him across the back with it, getting disqualified.

Your winner, by DQ, Cheeseburger!

Ray began whipping Cheeseburger with the chain and left him DOA.  Several officials and security pulled him out of the ring and covered him up as Ray stood on the apron, glaring down.  Ray attacked him again and removed the protective mats around ringside and teased another powerbomb, then stepped forward to tease putting Burger through a table.  Realizing it's what the fans wanted, he instead put Burger down, leaving him crumpled on the floor.

An effective way to continue establishing Ray has no redeeming qualities as a heel and in showcasing Burger as a sympathetic babyface who tries despite the odds being stacked well beyond his ability to compete.

IWGP Intercontinental Champion Tetsuya Naito vs. The Beer City Bruiser.

Lots of Naito stalling early, which the crowd loved.   Bruiser tripped him as he rebounded off the ropes and tossed him into the barricade, then nailed a forearm across the chest.  Bruiser bit him in the face, but the announcers note he doesn’t have any teeth.  Bruiser covered him for a two count.  He continued to manhandle Naito, drilling him as he rebounded off the ropes.  He nailed a dropkick and scored a two count.

Bruiser bit at Naito’s face.  Naito finally caught him with an inverted atomic drop, then drilled him in the knee.  Naito cleaned house and nailed a neckbreaker.  Naito stomped away at Bruiser and spat at him.  He followed Bruiser outside to the apron but was muscled up to his shoulders and nailed with a DVDR on the apron.  The referee teased counting him out but at the 19 count, Naito made it back in to a big pop.

Bruiser still nailed him with a cannonball in the corner and then the Beer City Slam for a two count.  Naito caught Bruiser with a tornado DDT off the ropes.  They battled back and forth.  Bruiser went to the top but missed a splash.  Naito drilled him and scored the pin.

Your winner, Tetsuya Naito!

A pretty fun competitive bout.  Bruiser looked really good here, as did Naito.  Enjoyable match.

The announcers were talking when BJ Whitmer arrived and told Colt Cabana he was needed in the back.   Perhaps Cabana is working the main event, replacing Dalton Castle?

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