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By Mike Johnson on 2018-05-10 12:00:00

Rosemary was written off due to the fact she has not recovered yet from her torn ACL that was suffered a few months back.  She won't be back for some time.

Himanshu D sent the following....It looks like being advertised on the WWE Network really paid off for IMPACT Wrestling. The Global Wrestling Network app went from the 669th position for the top free sports app of iOS to 101st tonight and growing. This is more than the night after Redemption when they peaked at position 130 and higher than any other day of 2018 and the same repeats in every country where the app is available. In Canadian charts they went from 1239th to 97th in a single day and in Great Britain they went from 1029th to 143rd.

One of the teased segments on tonight's episode of Impact Wrestling is the future of Sami Callihan after a segment was filmed where he attacked Impact management member Don Callis, bloodying him at a Destiny Wrestling event in Toronto.  Obviously, this is all storyline, but Impact has worked really hard to try and get it over as legitimate via social media:

The following footage of the attack showed up on YouTube today:

Impact Wrestling is sending Eli Drake, LAX, Moose, OVE and more to the 5/19 House of Hardcore event in Philadelphia, so expect content from that show on Impact TV in the weeks to come.

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