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By Mike Johnson on 2018-05-10 11:52:00

In a first for professional wrestling (and for all I know, podcasting), it was announced today that Jim Cornette's podcast would be leaving its home of the last several years, MLW Radio, and heading out on its own as an independent podcast....and no, there's no behind the scenes drama responsible.

Cornette officially announced the change today, writing "Cult of Cornette! The Experience and Drive Thru podcasts are going independent! Thanks to @MLW and @courtbauer for providing a platform the past 5 years, but me and @GreatBrianLast are goin' outlaw!"

Although we have received a number of emails from readers wanting to know what the back story here was (perhaps sensing a Jim Cornette rant was in their future), we are told that it was a decision that was completely amicable and one that had come over a long period of time.  We are told Cornette simply decided that he wanted to be out on his own and completely independent of any podcast networks or hosting companies as he was pretty much doing his own thing and making his money via YouTube monetization, as opposed to the podcast being dependent on advertisers, being part of a larger network, etc.

Court Bauer of MLW responded writing on Twitter, "Thank you @TheJimCornette for a great 5 years over at @MLW Radio. Excited to see where #JCE goes now that you’re certified outlaw! Everyone better look out! Corny ain’t playing around!!"

It was a case of Cornette wanting to have his own content stand alone from everyone else, nothing more.    So, if you are waiting for a Cornette rant about MLW or Bauer, it's just not happening.

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