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By Steven Fernandes on 2018-05-10 09:35:00

New Japan Pro Wrestling's three US Trademark applications (Strong Style, King of Sports, Strong Style Evolved) were given initial refusals due to the applications being submitted unsigned, resulting in them being not properly verified.

Major League Wrestling's two trademark applications for 'War Games' have been initially refused due to likely hood of confusion with MGM's trademarks of 'Wargames'. In addition to sounding similar in name, they were also refused due to the likely confusion with the use of services provided by both companies for their trademarks. MLW's use of service focused on providing wrestling and sports entertainment through various means while MGM's focused on production and distribution of DVDs featuring entertainment which was enough for the USPTO to claim confusion with consumers. They provided screenshots of WWE's, ROH's and Highspots' websites as examples of places that produces and distributes DVDs featuring wrestling and entertainment. 

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