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By Mike Johnson on 2018-05-09 21:50:00

Welcome to's live, ongoing Ring of Honor War of the Worlds: Lowell from the Lowell Memorial Auditorium in Massachusetts.

Tonight's event is streaming live for ROH Honorclub members (you can subscribe at  The show will air also live on The Fite App, (which you can download at this link for free

Anthony Pires sent word that the dark match before the PPV saw The Dawgs,Rhett Titus Will Ferrara defeat The Bruisers. Titus and Ferrera in about 6 minutes.


The announcers are Colt Cabana and BJ Whitmer.  Cabana is doing play by play.  My guess is Ian Riccaboni had a real life conflict that prevented him from making it to Lowell.

ROH Tag Team Champions Mark and Jay Briscoe vs. Flip Gordon & Jushin Liger

Big reaction for Flip and a lot of chants for him.  MONSTER reaction for Liger.  Hearing his theme song does me good.

Mark and Flip started out with Mark getting the better of their early exchanged, locking in a side headlock.  Gordon sent Briscoe outside and attempted a dive off the top, but instead flipped back into the ring.  Mark hit the ring and they faced off.

Flip teased tagging Liger and the crowd loved that.  Liger tagged in and the fans were chanting for him like mad.  Jay Briscoe tagged in and they went to lock up, but Jay caught him with a right hand and nailed several shots.  Liger was able to take him down and attempted to set up for a bow and arrow.  Mark jumped in but was nailed and sent to the floor.

Liger tagged out to Flip.  Mark tried to backflip him, but Flip landed in a handstand position and attempted a head scissor takedown.  Jay nailed him from behind, taking Gordon down.  The Briscoes trapped him in their corner, double-teaming him.  They trashed Flip in their corner until Gordon reversed a whip and nailed a series of kicks.

Liger tagged in, whipping out palm strikes to the Tag Team Champions.  The Briscoes cut off his momentum.  Mark nailed a dropkick through the ropes on Flip, then hit a basement dropkick on Liger.  The Briscoes took control on Liger, slamming him and scoring several two counts.  Liger fought back with an inverted atomic drop on Mark before tagging out to Gordon.

Gordon cleaned house and sent them to the floor, nailing a big dive to the outside.  Gordon popped Mark down with a Samoan Drop and nailed a standing shooting star.  Liger hit a flip dive off the apron onto Jay on the floor.  Liger hit the ring and nailed a big clothesline on Mark, sending him upside down.  Gordon hit a big top rope 450 splash, scoring a two count when Jay broke it up.

Everyone battled in the ring.  Jay nailed a neckbreaker for a two count.   Gordon tried to fight off a double team but was caught up in corner and crotched by Mark.  The Briscoes hit a combination Razor’s Edge powerbomb/neckbreaker with Mark pinning Flip and Jay cut off Liger.

Your winners, ROH Tag Team Champions The Briscoes!

Good opener with some nice, aggressive tag team wrestling from the Briscoes.  The match told a nice story and featured some fun highspots from Gordon.  Liger is always a treat to see.  The guy s immortal.

Big “Thank you Liger” chant after the match.  They played him out with his music, as they should.

WOH Champion Sumie Sakai & Tenille Dashwood vs. Deonna Purrazzo & Skylar

Skylar works the New England scene and our own Paul Crockett has tapped her as someone to watch.

Purrazzo and Sakai had a nice series of back and forth maneuvers.    Purrazzo backed off after a Northern Lights suplex attempt and tagged in Skylar, who has a good look.  Dashwood tagged in   They went back and forth with standing switches with Skylar getting more and more frustrated.   Dashwood finally nailed her with a Side Russian Legsweep for a two count.

Sakai tagged in and they nailed a double suplex on Skylar.  Sakai nailed a flying bodypress for a two count.  Skylar dropped down with a jawbreaker and tagged out to Purrazzo.  Sakai maintained control until Purrazzo snapped her with a pair of German suplexes, showing some aggression.

Skylar tagged in and drilled the Champion with a series of rights.  Sakai attempted to block a hiptoss but was nailed with a knee to the face.   Skylar and Purrazzo tagged in and out, dishing out punishment on Sakai.  Sakai kept reaching for a tag but was nowhere close to where she needed to be.

Purrazzo locked in a rear naked choke.  Sakai finally broke it and nailed a back suplex.  Sakai made the hot tag and Dashwood nailed a series of clotheslines.   Dashwood caught Skylar in the Tarantula.  She nailed Purrazzo with a butterfly suplex and began nailing splashes in the corner on her opponents.

Sakai sailed off the top with a missile dropkick.  Dashwood nailed the running kick on Skylar and scored the pin.

Your winners, WHO Champion Sumie Sakai & Tenille Dashwood!

All action.  Very enjoyable.

After the match, Kelly Klein attacked Skylar and Purrazzo.  Klein and Purrazzo brawled in the ring until officials and security tried to break them apart.   Purrazzo went to the top and dove over the pile od security onto Klein.   They were finally pulled apart.   The announcers noted they would face off this Sunday in Chicago at their TV taping.

As Colt Cabana and BJ Whitmer were discussing the next tag match that was scheduled, ROH World Champion Dalton Castle’s music hit and he came out on the stage with The Boys.  The announcers noted that Castle has been dealing with several injuries of late and wondered whether his status tonight was in question.

Castle put over the electricity of the building and said he wanted to take all the electricity home, plug in his toaster and make himself a bagel.  He said that today was special because they were teetering on just about six months since he’s become Champion.

Castle said he’s been to Germany, Montreal, Japan, Switzerland and even Pittsburgh to defend the Championship, but now he finds himself here, scheduled to defend against Matt Taven.   Castle then admitted that the match is not happening.  He asked The Boys to give him a moment and they headed to the back, leaving Castle alone.  He took off his glasses and admitted he was just as disappointed as the fans.

Castle said that right after he won the belt, he suffered an injury, but he wasn’t going to let it slow him down.  He’s seen others slow down but he didn’t want to be that person.  He said that when his back began to hurt, he ignored it.  When his hip and legs stopped working, he worked around it.  When he broke his hand, he taped it up, but asked the crowd if they knew that when you ignore problems, they get worse.

He ignored a lot of pain, but finally decided to see a doctor and they told him that his “back is garbage.”  He was told the problems were going to get worse unless he opted to fix them now.  He’s been at the doctor every day for the last two weeks and that has hurt his ability to train and perform.  He said if he can’t be at his best, he shouldn’t be in the ring.  He, his opponent and the fans all deserve better.  He said that if he can’t belong, he doesn’t belong in the ring.  The crowd chanted “No.”

Castle then made it clear he was not giving up the title.  He said he was going to go fix his problems and fix them quick, then continue kicking everyone’s a**.  He said he was still happy, positive and still the Champion.

Castle then said if he couldn’t give them the match they deserved, he was going to give them the brunch they deserved.  The Boys returned with croissants, which they tossed out to the crowd.

If Castle wasn’t going to be able to work the main event, ROH really should have just announced it in advance.  In fact, teasing that Castle was going to make an announcement about his future might have gotten the company some attention leading into the show.

There was no word what would be replacing Matt Taven vs. Castle or what Taven's role would be tonight.

The Kingdom vs. Coast 2 Coast.

The Kingdom are still carrying the stolen ROH Six Man Tag Team Championship belts.

Taven came out and said he was here and asked if this is how he gets repaid for everything he has done for this company.  He said that when he blew out his knee, he kept wrestling for another ten minutes.  He said another "B****" whines he's hurt and won't wrestle tonight.  He complained that ROH Management are doing nothing about this and complained there was a Kingdom Conspiracy against them.  He demanded ROH come down and award him the ROH Championship.  Pointing out his father in the crowd, Taven said that he swore the next time ROH would be in Lowell, he would be the Champion and that his presence would be felt tonight.  Taven then joined the announcers, complaining that he beats everyone and doesn't get what he deserves.

LSG and Marseglia went back and forth and looked good.  TK O'Ryan tagged in and nailed a nice spinebuster on Shaheem Ali.  They did a comedy thing playing off "It" where Coast 2 Coast and even the referee were grabbed and dragged under the ring.  They ran from under the ring, scared, and Marseglia followed with an axe and red balloons.  I love horror movies as much as anyone, but this just came off silly.

The referee took the axe away, allowing Coast to Coast to take control and work over Marseglia.   O'Ryan nailed a beautiful left hand on LSG.   Marseglia began channeling his best Bruiser Brody, going insane with big moves as he screamed and stormed around the ring.  Coast to Coast regained control and set up for their double dropkick in the corner but O'Ryan cut off Ali.  ROH Six Man Tag Team Champions So Cal Uncensored hit the ringside area and stole back the Tag Team belts.  That allowed for a distraction, allowing LSG to roll up O'Ryan for the pin.

Your winners, Coast 2 Coast.

Taven cut a promo, setting up a new main event tonight with The Kingdom vs. So Cal Uncensored for the belts.

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