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By Mike Johnson & Paul Jordan on 2018-05-07 09:16:00

WWE announced the following: "Alexa Bliss suffered an injury to her left shoulder during her Raw Championship Match against Nia Jax at WWE Backlash. Bliss is currently awaiting further medical evaluation "

There is no confirmation as of this writing as to whether that is a legitimate injury or storyline.  We are working to confirm.

Edge and Christian were at Backlash last night as they were in town in advance of producing the second season of The Edge and Christian Show for the WWE Network.  Production is scheduled to take place through the weekend of 5/25.

WWE released the following videos after Backlash went off the air:

Ruby Riott on The Riott Squad's rock-solid support: WWE Backlash Exclusive, May 6, 2018

Seth Rollins takes pride in being Intercontinental Champion: WWE Backlash Exclusive, May 6, 2018

Jeff Hardy on whether Randy Orton is as good has he used to be: WWE Backlash Exclusive, May 6, 2018

Charlotte gives credit to Carmella after WWE Backlash: WWE Backlash Exclusive, May 6, 2018

AJ Styles wants to make Shinsuke Nakamura pay for his low blows: WWE Backlash Exclusive, May 6, 2018

Roman Reigns on winning one for pride: WWE Backlash Exclusive, May 6, 2018

The Miz on making everything he's involved in must-see (WWE Network Exclusive)


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