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By Mike Johnson on 2018-05-17 10:00:00


Has there been any word on what Jim Johnston has done since leaving WWE?

I haven't heard of anything regarding him working elsewhere, but he was in New Orleans over WrestleMania weekend and was at WWE's hotel, attending Wrestlemania week festivities.

How is it that WWF was able to sign Lex Luger while he was the WCW Champion in 1992.  There's no way WCW had him holding the title while not under contract?

WWF didn't sign Luger to come over as a wrestling talent.  He was signed to WCW, but the WWF signed Luger as a bodybuilder to come to the World Bodybuilding Federation as a performer for that brand, which technically didn't violate Luger's WCW contract.  He finished up at WCW Superbrawl II, losing the WCW World title to Sting and moved on to the WBF.  Luger even appeared on a Wrestlemania show, being interviewed "via satellite" while representing the WBF.  As it turned out, Luger was injured in a motorcycle accident and wasn't able to do any posedowns for the lone WBF PPV broadcast.  Luger was eventually shifted over to the WWF, debuting at that year's Royal Rumble as The Narcissist persona, likely after his original WCW deal would have expired.  It was a case of WWF figuring a way to work around WCW's deals, to WCW's detriment.

What cities that haven't had Takeover events would you like to see them book into? 

I think Detroit, Minneapolis and Orlando (in a major arena) would be great domestic locations for a Takeover.  Internationally, Tokyo.  I'd actually love to see WWE bring a Takeover to Germany as those fans have never gotten a "PPV."

Read the question about the toughest wrestler. You said Haku, which is seriously not even in question, he’s tougher than shoe leather. But what about Dr. Death Steve Williams? Stories I have read say he’s pretty much on par, with Haku. Your thoughts? 

I wouldn't want to be in between that fight, I can assure you!!  Steve Williams was absolutely one of the toughest men who ever walked the face of the Earth.  He would have to be in the conversation.

Has there been any talks in WWE of bringing Alex Riley back as a color commentator? I always thought he was underrated in that role. 

I would agree with you on Riley being underrated.  Riley wanted to be a wrestler and WWE gave him that chance, but he got injured and it didn't work out.  I think if Riley had remained an announcer, he'd still be with the company today.  He veered outside what they felt was his lane and it eventually cost him his position there.  Not fair to him, but it's what happened.

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