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By Mike Johnson on 2018-05-02 14:24:00

Chris Jericho has stated publicly that he was done working for New Japan Pro Wrestling, but it appears that was just the latest in a long line of sleight of hand maneuvers where the former WWE champion says one thing publicly to lead the audience one way in order to maximize the surprise effect if/when he has his next major angle or return. has confirmed that Jericho is expected to appear at this week's Wrestling Dontaku event in Fukuoka, Japan to shoot an angle leading to his return to the ring at the company's Dominion event in Osaka next month.

The smart money is on Jericho continuing his feud against new IWGP Intercontinental champion Tetsuya Naito, who Jericho attacked back in January at New Year's Dash, his last appearance for New Japan.  Naito had led his stable, LIJ, to victory in a ten man tag team bout against the CHAOS stable.  After that match, Jericho hit the ring as a surprise, attacking Naito from behind.   That sparked a brawl between the two.  Prior to that moment, the two had taken a number of shots at each other verbally.

Jericho claimed back in March that things had not worked out between he and New Japan and that he wouldn't be back working for the company.   Obviously, that is not the case.

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