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By Mike Johnson on 2018-04-29 19:03:00

The fact that professional wrestlers get to travel the world and perform is something that many, on the outside looking at the business, consider to be a perk of the job, but the reality is that there are many, many weekends where the travel is long and grueling and tedious.

The past seven days is a great example of how the travel schedule can be beyond rough for some WWE performers.

As you all know, depending on the brand they perform for, WWE stars flew on Tuesday or Wednesday to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.   Following the end of The Greatest Royal Rumble, which was around 12 midnight local time in Saudi Arabia, WWE stars were transported to flights back to the United States.  That flight, in a best case scenario, is around 12 hours.   While certainly some stars flew first class, it was still a case of traveling around the globe twice with long flights that took place within a few days of each other.

Most WWE talents made it back to the United States Saturday afternoon, connecting through New York City's JFK airport before getting flights back home to where they live.  After 6-7 days on the road, they were home for about 24 hours.  Today, those same stars had to pack and get back on flights, heading to this week's TV loop in Canada.

For some talents, they were scheduled to fly back to New York City and then connect at LaGuardia Airport to a flight to Montreal.  Unfortunately for those who were blessed with this schedule, they learned after arriving in New York that their connecting flight to Montreal was canceled.    So now, a number of talents are getting rental cars and are now driving the nearly six hour drive from NYC to Montreal, just a day after they were already in NYC to begin with.  If that isn't a Groundhog Day moment, I don't know what is.

So, to review:  They left home last weekend to work last week's TV tapings.  Then, they had a number of flights to get to Saudi Arabia.  They then flew right back after the show to the United States to catch yet another flight (and in the case of some talents, multiple flights) to get back to their home, had a 24 hour turnaround to see their families and relax, got back on a flight today and for some, are enduring an additional six hour drive just to get to Montreal or Ottawa for tomorrow's Raw TV taping or Smackdown house show.  Remember, that's not even considering any jet lag involved with all the global travel they dealt with over the last weekend.

As I wrote, it's not always a fun, glamourous job.  Something to remember.

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