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By Mike Johnson on 2018-04-26 12:05:00 has confirmed that former WWE star Shawn Daivari is in Saudi Arabia for the Greatest Royal Rumble tomorrow.  Daivari, 33, last worked full-time for WWE in 2007.  Over the course of his time with the company, he wrestled and managed a number of talents including The Great Khali (who is also working the Rumble event), Kurt Angle and Mohammad Hussan.  After leaving WWE, Daivari worked for Ring of Honor, Impact Wrestling and for independent promotions all over the world.  He currently co-owns and operates the ACADEMY: School of Professional Wrestling in Minneapolis with Ken Anderson, where the two train students alongside Molly Holly.   His younger brother Ariya wrestles for WWE's 205 Live brand. has also confirmed that former WWE Cruiserweight champion Hornswoggle is in Saudi Arabia for the Greatest Royal Rumble.  Hornswoggle, 31, had a long run with WWE, debuting as Dave Finley's son in 2006 before going into a storyline where it was believed he was Vince McMahon's illegitimate son.  Over the course of his run, he had a Cruiser title run, was revealed to the Anonymous Raw General Manager and for a time, was associated with Shawn Michaels and Triple H in a mascot role for DX.   After being released by WWE in 2016, Swoggle worked for Impact Wrestling and has been beyond busy on the independent scene.  He was one of the finalists for the HOH TV title over Wrestlemania 34 weekend in New Orleans and his own independent company, ACW, drew over 2,500 this past weekend in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. will have live, ongoing coverage of the GRR tomorrow, commencing at 11 AM Eastern.

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