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By Richard Trionfo on 2018-04-23 23:07:00

We are in St. Louis, Missouri and your announcers are Michael Cole, Corey Graves, and Booker T.

The show starts with a graphic in memory of Bruno Sammartino and the roster is on the stage for a ten bell salute and a video package.

Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar make their way to the ring.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Paul Heyman clears his throat before introducing himself and his client through the boos in St. Louis.  Paul says he supposes you are bestowing you with your anger because you think he is going to come out here and gloat, don't you?  You think he is out here to say he told you so.  You thought they were out here to say that just like Brock conquered the Undertaker's undefeated streak, just like when Brock Lesnar took John Cena to Suplex City, just like every single time some wannabe tough guy who doesn't understand when it comes to Brock Lesnar that this is real, just like not one member of that locker room stands any more of a chance than any of the wannabe tough guys in attendance tonight, just like he keeps telling you he does not make predictions, he presents spoilers he will not be gloating.

Paul says Brock Lesnar does not gloat.  Brock Lesnar conquers.  Paul Heyman gloats all night long.  Paul gloats over the fact that Brock used non-PG era elbows to scar up Roman's face.  Paul gloats that Brock took Roman to Suplex City.  Paul gloats that Brock hit multiple F5s on Roman to put Roman out to the trash heap.  None of this means anything to Brock Lesnar.  Brock Lesnar does not dwell on the past, even when the past is only two weeks ago at Wrestlemania.  Brock looks forward to the future, especially when the future is this Friday in Saudi Arabia at the Greatest Royal Rumble.  When Brock Lesnar, so crazed to be in a UFC, he will get on a private jet and fly across the world to travel to Saudi Arabia to be locked insideof a cage with Roman Reigns.

Paul asks if being in a cage was Roman's idea?  Paul says he is going to smarten everyone up.  Brock pinned Roman and WWE had no choice so Roman signs a big, fat beautiful contract with a raise that Brock earned by beating Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania.  WWE goes to Brock and says we need the Universal Title defended in Saudi Arabia.  Brock said that Roman is breathing so he wants Roman in a fight for the title in a steel cage.  You think this is to Roman's advantage?  The odds are more stacked against Roman on Friday.  That is not a fact, it is a spoiler.

Brock is going to shred Roman Reigns, piece by piece and limb from limb.  Brock will come back as Universal Champion while Roman comes back in many boxes as the victim of the . . . 

Roman Reigns' music interrupts and he makes his way to the stage and then he goes to ringside.

Roman enters the ring and he stares down Brock.  

Roman says that Paul is right.  He does not know how he is getting back, but he tells St. Louis that he is coming home with that title.  You can believe that.

Roman drops the mic and his music plays.

Elias walks in the back and we go to commercial.

We are back and Elias is in the ring but before he can add to his introduction, he is interrupted by Bobby Roode's music.

Match Number One:  Elias versus Bobby Roode

They lock up and Elias with a side head lock and shoulder tackle.  Roode with a back elbow.  Roode with chops and kicks in the corner.  Elias chops back but Roode with a kick and chop.  Roode leaps over Elias and lands awkwardly but hits a reverse atomic drop and drop kick.  Roode with an arm bar and follows with a knee to the elbow.  Roode with a wrist lock but Elias with a punch.  Elias with chops.  

Roode sets for the Glorious DDT but he announced it and Elias escapes.  Roode clotheslines Elias over the top rope and we go to commercial.

We are back and Elias misses a punch but Roode connects with chops.  Roode is sent shoulder first into the ring post and then Elias with a nerve hold.  Elias with kicks and chops in the corner as the referee warns him.  Elias slams Roode's throat into the apron and follows with a knee to the head.  Elias gets a near fall.  Elias with a reverse chin lock and he keeps Roode on the mat.  Roode with a belly-to-back suplex and both men are down.

Roode with punches and chops after blocking punches from Elias.  Roode with a running forearm and clothesline.  Roode with a clothesline into the corner followed by a neck breaker.  Roode goes up top and he hits a clothesline.  Roode winds up for the GLORIOUS DDT and he kicks Elias.  Elias with a back body drop but Roode counters with a sunset flip.  Roode with a boot and blockbuster but Elias goes to the floor.  

Roode sends Elias into the ring and Elias sends pulls Roode's injured shoulder into the ropes and then he gets the three count with a rollup.

Winner:  Elias

Matt Hardy appears on screen and he says that he has spoken to the Oracle at Delphi.  After their win last week, their path is clear.  At the greatest Rumble of Royalty, they will win the Raw Tag Team Championships.  First, they must go into the abominable wasteland.

Bray shows up and he says without darkness there can be no light.  Together, they will cast a shadow that will engulf all living things.  Bray and Matt laugh and then they tell everyone to run.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Two:  Konnor and Viktor versus Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt

Viktor and Matt start things off and Viktor with a side head lock.  Viktor with a cartwheel and Matt proclaims it WONDERFUL.  Matt with a side Russian leg sweep and Bray tags in.  They hit a double back elbow and then Matt with a leg drop while Bray hits a back senton.  Bray goes for a uranage but Viktor escapes and Konnor tags in.  Bray with a clothesline and Matt tags in.  Matt with boots to Konnor and Bray with a running shoulder tackle.  Matt with a kick and he sets for a Twist of Fate but Konnor backs Hardy into the corner and Viktor tags in.

Viktor with kicks to Hardy and then he tags Konnor back in.  Viktor with a punch to the midsection but Konnor with a forearm to the back followed by a leaping elbow drop for a near fall.  Viktor tags in and he gets a near fall.  Bray tags in and he hits a clothesline and palm strikes.  Wyatt kicks Konnor off the apron and Bray with a running cross body.  Bray leans back in the corner and Matt tags in.  Bray with a splash into the corner followed by a Side Effect by Matt for a near fall.

Konnor hits Matt from behind but Bray with Sister Abigail to Konnor.  Bray tags in and Matt picks up Viktor for a spike Twist of Fate.

Winners:  Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt

We go to commercial.

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