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By Paul Jordan on 2018-04-16 09:16:00

Dwayne Johnson's Rampage just barely beat out "A Quiet Place" for the top spot in its opening weekend in the US making just $34.5 million. Internationally, the film has made $114 million. So while it's not a monster right out of the gate domestically, overall, it's doing quite well.

Meanwhile, Blockers starring John Cena held steady at number five in the U.S. box office, bringing in around $26 million domestically in its first week. Combined with the $16 million from the international markets, it has definitely made back its film budget and then some. This is good news for John Cena as a leading man.

The Rock has been surprising fans at screenings of "Rampage" over the weekend. He had this moment with a young fan on his birthday:


A post shared by therock (@therock) on

"Imagine being a 12yr old boy who goes to see RAMPAGE with his family on his BIRTHDAY.  THEN... The Rock shows up outta nowhere and surprises the entire theater.. AND THEN winds up singing happy birthday to the birthday boy.  Should’ve seen the look on Vinny’s face when I was singing to him and shook his hand.   Great birthday moment surprising fans last night at screenings of RAMPAGE.  He was so nervous he forgot how old he was ???????????? Its all good kid, I forget how old I am too. That’s why I always act like a kid. #SurprisingFans #YouNeverKnowWhenDJWillPopUp #BestPartOfMyJob #RAMPAGE"

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