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By Dave Scherer on 2018-04-16 10:00:00

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Do you think they’re holding off Roman Reigns’s eventual UV title win for The Greatest Royal Rumble? It is logical that he should have won at Mania.  But they’re making a rather big deal out of that Saudi Arabia show.

That certainly was my first thought when he lost at Mania.  The Saudi show is big for WWE, financially.  They also didn’t say how long Brock Lesnar re-signed for.  So I am thinking just like you are on this one.  Plus, maybe he would even get cheered if he wins there.

Now that Alexa Bliss isn't women's champion, do you think she will be moved down the card, especially since she took the fall to Ember Moon on Raw?

I am worried that will happen to be honest.  She is awesome and I think can keep her heat if they try it, but it would be a huge waste.  Hopefully, they just did it because she is switching brands.  She is one of the top performers in the company.  Pushing her down the card would be a really stupid decision and poor use of a great asset.

Whose idea was the Cena Squash to Undertaker, and where does this leave John now?  I think he's in a tricky spot with no crowd support and no momentum.

Vince McMahon’s, he has the final call on the booking.  John is fine.  He can do a promo on Raw tonight and act like it never happened.  The whole storyline was lame.  It’s better to behind him.

Why does Dave call John Cena "John Jack?"  

Because John Jack likes to show us he is all serious when he throws the name “Jack” into a promo, Jack!

Do you think it ultimately harms the concept of the Royal Rumble by doing it Twice in One year? There doesn't seem to be any reason for doing this, other than that they can. To me it's kind of saying that the Royal Rumble that was held back in January, really doesn't matter. The Royal Rumble is a unique match to decide who is One half of the main event - at the most important show of the year, Wrestlemania. It should not just be done because that's all the Brain trust could muster.

Ultimately?  No, I don’t.  For one thing, to the masses January is the real Rumble time.  It starts WrestleMania season and the winner gets a shot at the Title on the biggest show of the year.  Since that stipulation isn’t on this show, all this really is to me is the largest Battle Royal in their history, and it’s being done for a huge payday in Saudi Arabia.  It doesn’t hurt the annual Royal Rumble at all to me.

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