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By Mike Johnson on 2018-04-15 12:11:00

AAW - Never Say Die - 4/13/2018 - Marionette Park, IL (590 attendance)

1.  PACO def Pat Monix with the sit out DVD (2:29)  

After the match AAW Interviewer Sarah Shockey talked with PACO about his shot at AAW Heritage Champion Trevor Lee on May 5 in LaSalle when they were interupted by WRSTLING.  WRSTLING let PACO leave their ring with a warning of what Trevor Lee would have for him on the 5/5, and WRSTLING leader David Starr mentioned how he still wants the Eddie Kingston of old, the two time AAW Heavyweight Champion back.  He wants to "Make Eddie Great Again"

2.  WRSTLING (David Starr, Jeff Cobb, Eddie Kingston <substitute for Trevor Lee>) defeated Keith Lee, Dezmond Xavier & Zachary Wentz when Cobb hit the Tour of the Islands on Lee for the win.  An outstanding contest. (16:30)

3.  Sami Callihan defeated Joey Janela and Zema Ion when Sami pined Ion after a package neckbreaker.  During the match Ion gave Callihan a black eye, lots of high flying and innovative moves here. (10:00)

4.  AAW Tag Team Championship Match:  Besties in the World (Davey Vega & Mat Fitchett with Scarlet) defeated OI4k (Dave & Jake Crist) when Davey Vega rolled up Jake Crist for the win at the same time Dave Crist had Mat FItchett rolled up - Vega/Jake were the legal men. (7:18 - seventh defense)

5.  LADDER WARFARE - Number 1 Contender’s Match for the AAW Tag Team Championships:  AR Fox & Myron Reed defeated Trey Miguel & Stephen Wolf and Curt Stallion & Jake Something after Fox hit a 450 on Wolf who was on a ladder propped up with 2 chairs.  This was as insane as you can imagine with tons of ladder and table shenanigans.  Fox/Reed will challenge The Besties on May 5 in LaSalle (14:56)

6.  Ace Romero def MJF with a discus lariat (8:15)  Afterwards MJF beat Ace down with a steel chair.  The two men will face off again May 5 in LaSalle Illinois but this time it will be a dog collar match.

7.  PENTA EL 0M defeated Teddy Hart with the package piledriver.  Teddy injured his arm during the match, PENTA called to stop the match, but Teddy said no and the match continued. (7:44)

8.  Tenille Dashwood, Hudson Envy & Samantha Heights defeated AAW Womens Champion Jessicka Havok, Su Yung & Kimber Lee when Dashwood pinned Yung after a kick.  During the course of the match, there was a miscommunication between Havok and Kimber which resulted with Kimber leaving the match and going to the back.  (13:35)

9. AAW Heavyweight Championship Match:  ACH defeated former champion Rey Fenix with the after the "buster call" Brainbuster (8:57 - third defense)

AAW Returns on 5/5 in LaSalle IL
-AAW Heritage Championship Match:  Trevor Lee defends against the winner of the Heritage Rumble PACO
-AAW Tag Team Championship Match:  AAW Tag Team Championship Match:  Besties in the World (Davey Vega & Mat Fitchett with Scarlet) vs AR Fox & Myron Reed
-Dog Collar Match:  MJF vs. Ace Romero

-Moose vs. the debuting Brody King

Plus:  AAW Heavyweight Champion ACH, Rey Fenix, Ray Horus, Kongo Kong and many more!

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