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By Dave Scherer on 2018-04-15 10:00:00

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WrestleMania has been 7 hours long for the past 2 years. It’s a long time especially if your in the crowd. Personally I don't see them making 'Mania shorter or having it as a 2 day event. So what about starting an hour earlier but taking an hour break during the event. Give the fans time to get a drink, something to eat, walk around for a bit, even a nap!!! If they timed the matches out correctly they wouldn't lose viewers and it in my opinion it would give the live crowd time to refresh, without missing the action and they wouldn't be so tired during the later portion of the night. Your thoughts?

I definitely like starting the show earlier.  I think they should just make it six hours with no matches on the pre-show.  I don’t see them doing a break though.  There may be 80,000 people at the building but there are much more watching at home.  It’s a TV show and I don’t see them wanting to have dead air time.

Why not give Rusev a push? Why not see what he can do. What’s the harm in it, yeah he may fail and be pushed back down the  card, like hundreds of wrestlers before him or he may just get over enough to propel him to the next level. Is it a case, like we've seen with many others, cutting there nose off to spite their face. Okay WWE didn't exactly help Rusev get over (today) but they can certainly cash in on it and give him the tools to become the next big thing.

I don’t have a good answer for you.  Honestly, I don’t think there is one. But, it definitely seems like you are on to truth when you say that they didn’t plan it.  We have seen in the past that if they don’t plan something, most of the time they will never get behind it.  I think it’s crazy too.

Roman was supposed to win but because that possibility was going down like a fart in a spacesuit Vince changed his mind on the fly.  Brock then (as I believe it is said) ”went into business on his own” trashing an announce table and trying to ruin Roman’s good looks by busting him open.  He then went backstage and had a row with Vince over the way things went down and laughed all the way to the bank with a lucrative part-time deal.  Is any of this true or just more wrestling rumour mongering??

Yes, it’s all true.  Brock even took Roman to the edge of the flat Earth and tried to throw him off.  Luckily, Roman was able to get away.  Whoever “reported” that is an idiot.  

I attended the Hall of Fame and Smackdown Live shows over Wrestlemania weekend. I had picked out a good seat for myself with good views of the stage/ring. However on both occasions I was moved. This really annoyed me, particularly with the Hall of Fame, I went from looking face on to sitting at the sides. Just wondering how to do WWE get away with moving there fans, from seats that they paid for. It’s not my fault they can’t sell tickets for their shows.

At the end of the day, you are the live studio audience for a TV show.  They have the right to move you if they want.  They want to present their product, as I said above, as a TV show to their home audience and they have the ability to make the crowd look as they want it to look.  That’s how they can get away with it.

Let me get this straight, Roman Reigns loses clean at WrestleMania. Then with no explanation he gets a Steel Cage rematch and complains on Raw about finding out the match on the Internet. Shouldn't he be happy here? He's getting another title shot. Are they trying to make him more sympathetic? What's going on here?  He can go in the ring most of the time but his storylines defy WWE Logic. 

I think it was the better way to play it.  He did get beat up at Mania.  He didn’t deserve a rematch so he just said what everyone else was thinking.  WWE wants him to work Brock in Saudi Arabia so they had to have him do a promo to explain it.  With that said, yes it made no sense to me either.  He didn’t deserve a rematch after how he was beaten convincingly.  

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