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By Mike Johnson on 2018-04-08 03:03:00

Welcome to’s live, ongoing coverage of House of Hardcore 40 at the Sugar Mill!

You can watch the show live at

Matt Lancie vs. J. Spade

Each of these guys are regulars for Wildkat Wrestling.    Spade started off strong but was caught with several lariats and worked over for a series of two counts.  Spade came back with several kicks but missed a double knee strike in the corner.  Spade made a comeback but was backdropped over the top.  He landed on the apron and came off the top with a missile dropkick for a two count.  Spade finally scored the pin.

Your winner, J. Spade!

Good, solid opener.  I liked their work a lot.

HOH TV TITLE TOURNAMENT SEMI-FINAL: Swoggle vs. Alex Reynolds with MJF and The Double Duprees

Swoggle grabbed the Dupreees’ boobs, which got a big reaction.  He then tried to manipulate MJF and Reynolds to kiss.   They teased they would but didn’t.  Swoggle bit Reynolds on the butt and shoved him into MJF and the lips locked for a long time.  The place popped for that.

Swoggle worked over Reynolds and then went to the floor, following the retreating Reynolds.  He sent MJF into the guard rail and splashed him and Reynolds against it.   Reynolds gained control and worked Swoggle over for some time.  Swoggle kicked him and nailed a series of German suplexes. He maintained control and nailed a Samoan drop.

Swoggle went to the top but MJF leapt on the apron to stop him.  He grabbed MJF and chokeslammed him onto the apron outside.  Reynolds drilled Swoggle with a double knee strike and scored the pin.

Your winner, advancing to the finals, Alex Reynolds!


Big reaction for Mack.  These two really took it to each other with big moves.  Kross used a trapezius nerve hold to work over Mack, who finally made a comeback with a slam and a big legdrop for a two count.   They continued to go and forth until Mack nailed a pair of stunners and scored the pin.

Your winner, Willie Mack!

I was uploading the HHH post-Takeover audio during the early portion of this bout, so I apologize for the lack of play by play.

Kross raised Mack's arm and shook his hand, then attacked him and locked on his armbar submission.

The finals are Mack vs. Reynolds vs. Sami Callihan later tonight.

The Squad World Order.  Kenny Dykstra was doing his great introduction for the trio when fans chanted, “Where’s Dolph Ziggler?”  He responded that Ziggler was at the Marriot watching them on Twitch wishing him he was with them instead of being a jobber in a f***ing Battle Royal.”  THAT popped the crowd.

Out came their opponents, The Rock N’ Roll Express.  I am watching Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson live in Louisiana in 2018.  I love pro wrestling.   Their partner was….Hurricane Helms.

The SWO vs. Hurricane Helms & The Rock N’ Roll Express

Lots of stalling early on and playing to the crowd, who loved it.    It built to all three SWO members being locked in figure four leglocks at the same time.  Kenny eventually took control over Morton and worked him over.  Gibson finally made the hot tag and worked over everyone with punches.  He cinched a sleeper on Mikey Mondo.  Dykstra attacked Helms, and they tried to double team him but were caught with a double chokeslam.   Morton nailed a Frankensteiner!  Double dropkick from the Express!

Your winners, The Rock N’ Roll Express and Hurricane Helms!

This was all fun nostalgia and it worked as the crowd chanted “Rock and Roll” after.

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