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By Mike Johnson on 2018-04-07 19:08:00

Impact Wrestling has released former impact Champion Alberto El Patron effective immediately, PWInsider has confirmed.  

The release comes on the heels of Patron no showing last night's Lucha Underground vs. Impact Wrestling event in New Orleans.

While one Impact source stated last night that Patron had claimed to be sick, the word around the locker room was that Patron had blown off the show. He had appeared earlier in the day for a press conference that was filmed and streamed live on the internet where he and current impact Champion Austin Aries got into a physical scuffle to build their April 22nd Redemption pay-per-view main event. Obviously that match will not be happening.

One story that has been shared amongst the wrestlers today is that Impact head Ed Nordholm was staying in the same hotel as Patron and attempted to check on him but was unable to do so.  PWInsider can also confirm that there was great concern last night about Patron's well-being amongst those in company management to the point that there was talk of calling police to make a wellness check on him.

After missing last night's event, Patron did not appear as scheduled for his autograph signing today at Wrestlecon for Impact.

We are told that an official statement from Impact about Patron's termination is forthcoming and may be released as early as tonight.

More as we confirm.


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