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By Mike Johnson on 2018-04-07 00:57:00

Alberto El Patron, who was scheduled to take part in a tag team main event during tonight's Impact Wrestling vs. Lucha Underground event at Wrestlecon, did not appear as scheduled at the event.  Patron was slated to team with Penta 0M against Austin Aries and Rey Fenix.  Instead, the show was headlined by a three-way bout between the remaining main eventers.

The near sellout crowd in New Orleans did not take kindly to the no-show, chanting "F*** Del Rio."

The word backstage among wrestlers is that Patron no showed, although one Impact source claimed to that Patron reached out to say he had gotten sick.

Patron appeared earlier in the day as part of a live, streaming press conference with Impact champion Austin Aries to build to their 4/22 Redemption PPV main event.  The conference saw the two get into a scuffle, tossing a table aside in the process.  The scene resulted in Alberto storming out and then getting into a waiting car and speeding off, but that was not leading to any changes in the Impact vs. Lucha event.

More as we confirm it.   A complete report on the event is forthcoming.

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