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By Richard Trionfo on 2018-03-26 00:10:00

We are in Long Beach, California for New Japan Pro Wrestling's Strong Style Evolved show at the Walter Pyramid.

Jim Ross and Josh Barnett talk about strong style wrestling.  Josh says it focuses on the martial arts and a more hard hitting style.

We have a video package showing footage from last year's New Japan shows from Long Beach.

They run through the card for tonight's show in a video package.

Match Number One:  Sho, Yoh, and Rocky Romero versus Scorpio Sky, Frankie Kazarian, and Christopher Daniels

Romero and Sky start things off and they lock up.  Romero with a wrist lock and Sky with a reversal into an arm bar.  Romero with a forearm but Sky with a forearm.  Rocky with a chop but Sky chops back.  They go back and forth and Romero with more strikes.  Sky with a double leg take down into a neck breaker.  Kazarian tags in and so does Yoh.  Kazarian with a kick and side head lock.  Kazarian with a shoulder tackle but Yoh kips up.  Kazarian with a kick but Yoh with a flying forearm.  Sho tags in and Yoh knocks Sky and Daniels down on the apron.  Yoh with a drop toe hold and Sho with a kick to the head.  They hit a double drop kick on Daniels to send him to the floor.

Kazarian with a rake of the eyes and Sky tags back in and he punches Sho and kicks him.  Sho with a drop kick.  Sho with a knee to the midsection and he tags in Yoh.  Yoh with a forearm to the back and then Yoh with a suplex for a near fall.  Yoh kicks Kazarian and Daniels with a kick to the back but Yoh knocks Daniels off the apron.  Sky trips Yoh and then Kazarian goes for a springboard leg drop but he slips on the ropes but still hits the leg drop.  Daniels tags in and he hits a leg lariat.

Kazarian tags back in and he is limping.  Sky with a boot to the back followed by an STO from Daniels and a near fall from Kazarian.  Romero makes the tag but the referee did not see it so he sends Romero back to the apron while Kazarian has Yoh in a front face lock.  He puts Yoh on the apron for a springboar leg drop.  Daniels with an Arabian press and then Sky with a slingshot cutter for a near fall.  Kazarian tags back in and Sky sends him into the turnbuckles.  Sky misses a Stinger Splash and Kazarian misses.  Romero tags in and he hits a cross body on Kazarian followed by a double rana on Sky on and Daniels.  Romero with Infinity Clothesline.

Romero misses Kazarian but he hits a double clothesline on Kazarian and Daniels.  Romero with a punch to Kazarian followed by an Irish whip but Kazarian goes to the apron and goes for a shoulder but Romero wit a knee.  Romero with a springboard drop kick to Kazarian who was hanging on the middle rope.  Daniels breaks up the cover and then all six men are in.  Romero goes for bulldog.  Sky with a plancha onto Yoh and Sho while Kazarian and Daniels hit the Best Meltzer Ever but it is broken up by Yoh.  Sky accidentally hits a cutter on Daniels.

Romero is pulled into the corner and Sho tags in and he kicks Kazarian and punches him.  Sky makes the tag and Sho and Yoh with clotheslines to Kazarian and SKy.  Yoh with a pescado onto Kazarian.  Sho with two rolling German suplexes but Sky blocks the third.  Sho and Yoh with a double knee strike to Sky and then they hit a flatline and dominator combination for a near fall.  Yoh with an uppercut and Sho with a lungblower.  Yoh with a kick.  They hit the 3K for the three count.

Winners:  Sho, Yoh, and Rocky Romero

Match Number Two:  David Finlay and Juice Robinson versus Gedo and Hirooki Goto

Robinson and Goto start things off and Goto with a waist lock.  Robinson with a standing switch but Goto with a wrist lock.  Robinson with a reversal.  Goto with a reversal into a side head lock.  Robinson with a few shoulder tackles with no effect but Robinson with a back elbow and a back senton for a near fall.  Robinson with a chop but Goto with an Irish whip and he runs into a boot.  Goto bleeds from the mouth as both men go for clotheslines.  They do it a second time.  Robinson misses a jumping leg lariat but Goto hits a clothesline and then he suplexes Finlay onto Robinson when Finlay comes in without a tag.

Goto with forearms to the back of the head.  Goto with a rear chin lock.  Gedo tags in and he rakes the eyes and mouth.  Gedo grabs Robinson by the hair and he sends Robinson into Goto's boot.  Goto tags back in and he punches Robinson but Juice punches back.  They go with forearms and Robinson is down.  Gedo tags back in and they hit a double shoulder tackle.  Gedo with a rake of the eyes when the referee was focused on Finlay.  Gedo with jabs but Robinson with a kick and Juice Jabs.  Gedo with a thumb to the eye and then Robinson does the same. 

Finlay punches Gedo from the apron and Gedo goes down.  Finlay tags in and he connects with forearms on Goto.  Finlay floats over and hits a flying back elbow on Goto.  Finlay with running European uppercuts and elbows in the corner on both men.  Finlay with a corkscrew back elbow off the turnbuckles on Gedo for a near fall.  Goto gets Finlay up for the Ushigoroshi and Gedo with a kick but Robinson breaks it up.

Goto gets Robinson up but Robinson gets to his feet and he hits a uranage on Goto.  Robinson with a forearm to Gedo and then he hits a pescado onto Goto.  Finlay with a cutter on Gedo for the three count.

Winners:  David Finlay and Juice Robinson

Match Number Three:  Chuckie T and Toru Yano versus Lance Archer and Davey Boy Smith Jr.

Smith and Archer attack befroe the bell rings and Smith with an Irish whip to Taylor while Archer works over Yano on the floor.  Smith chokes Taylor in the ropes.  Taylor with Sole Food and then he goes for an Octopus but Smith escapes.  Taylor misses an enzuigiri and Smith with a German suplex.  Smith kicks Yano off the apron.  Smith with a forearm to the back and Archer tags in and he punches Taylor in the corner.  Archer runs into a boot but Archer blocks a power bomb attempt with a back body drop and he hits a clothesline on Taylor.  

Archer with a punch and he goes to the turnbuckles and he walks the ropes like the Spoiler and he tags in Smith before hitting the forearm.  Taylor with punches but Smith with a slam for a near fall.  Taylor with punches but Smith with a kick and a belly-to-belly suplex for a near fall.  Smith with a Boston Crab and he turns it into a Liontamer for a moment.  Smith with an elbow drop to the back.  Smith punches Taylor and then Archer tags in and he approaches Yano and Yano decides to go to the floor and walk up the aisle.  Archer sets for a shoulder tackle and he hits it.

Archer scares Yano back up the aisle while Yano tells some fans to get on the apron if they want him up there.  Smith tags in and he punches Taylor.  Smith with a butterfly suplex and he gets a near fall.  Smith with a side head lock and Archer tags in and he punches Taylor.  They go for the Hart Attack but Taylor ducks down and hits a DDT on Smith.   Yano tags in and he connects with forearms to Archer but Archer with a forearm.  Yano pulls Archer by the hair and Archer goes after Yano but Yano gets into the ropes and demands a break.

Yano with a reverse atomic drop but Archer does not go down and Yano retreats into the ropes.  Archer with a knee and Yano goes to the floor.  Archer goes over the top rope to the apron and Yano pulls Archer to the floor.  Smith collides with Archer when Yano moves.  Taylor with a plancha onto Smith and Archer.  Yano sets for a dive to the floor, but he goes to the turnbuckle pad and removes. it.  Archer swats it away and then he goes back into the ring.

Yano with punches and Archer grabs Yano by the hair.  Yano does the same and he pulls Archer to the mat.  Yano avoids an Archer clothesline and Archer goes into the exposed turnbuckle.  Archer blocks a power bomb but Taylor with a sunset flip for a near fall.  Taylor with a knee and piledriver for a near fall.  Yano sends Smith to the floor.  Taylor goes up top and he misses a moonsault but lands on his feet.  Archer grabs Taylor by the throat but Taylor blocks it.  Archer with a POUNCE and choke slam but Taylor counters the cover into a crucifix for a near fall.

Taylor with a super kick to Archer and then he hits a clothesline on Smith and Archer.  Archer and Smith hit the Killer Bomb for the three count.

Winners:  Lance Archer and Davey Boy Smith Jr.

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