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By Mike Johnson on 2018-03-23 09:59:00

With former Indianapolis Colt Pat Mcafee being added to the  NXT broadcast team, I wonder. Are they possibly using NXT as an audition or training camp for possible XFL broadcasters?

That certainly could be a possibility, but it's not something we have specifically heard is taking place.  Vince McMahon has specifically said there would be no cross-over between WWE and the rebooted XFL football league, but that's a possibility.

When are you going to admit you were wrong about Paige?  She hasn't announced a retirement, despite you reporting she would.  You are a liar and a charlatan and a loser!

I will answer your questions with three statements, as opposed to insults, which I am only leaving in so you cannot claim I "edited" your question.  I did pop for your use of the word charlatan, however.

1 - I never, ever reported Paige would announce her retirement.  I reported she was done as an in-ring performer, because that was and remains true.  WWE has pulled her. There is no article or audio on where I ever reported she would be announcing an official retirement.  If you or anyone else assumed so based on my reporting, well, I advise you to google the term reading comprehension.

2 - When in the history of WWE has there been a story that was false, especially one that was picked up worldwide by CNN, MSNBC and dozens and dozens of other mainstream, major outlets that WWE didn't shoot down or deny publicly?  They declined all requests for comment and didn't comment - just as Paige didn't - because the story was and remains true.  If my reporting was incorrect, WWE and/or Paige would have long come out and denied the story months ago.  They didn't.  

3 - I am sincerely sorry that the situation upsets you but injuries happen and they are never timely, nor are they fair to the athlete or that athlete's fans.  I have said since I reported that story that it's one that saddens me and I truly wish that Paige hadn't gotten hurt, but none of those feelings are supposed to prevent me from doing my job, which is to report news.  I am sure she wasn't happy with me breaking the news and again, I have deep sympathy for her, but that isn't going to prevent me from doing my job.  I sincerely hope she comes to peace with the situation and goes on to make millions on dollars with her Saraya store and all her other future exploits, as I would anyone who was in her unfortunate situation, but none of that changes the fact that the story was confirmed with multiple sources over a four-day period.  I stand by every word that was written.   I am sad that I ever had to write the story in the first place, but I stand by it.

When does live coverage at events, what does the site get paid? has never and will never be paid by promotions to do live coverage of their events.   It is something we do, when applicable, to provide timely, up to the moment coverage of events for our readers, nothing more.  

If you had to guess Hulk Hogan's future, do you think a month from now he's appearing on WWE events?

I do.  If he's not returning for Wrestlemania or to help promote the Andre the Giant documentary, I don't see much of a reason to bring him back anytime soon.  It makes sense to lock him in, at least as surprise or a special appearance or so, over the next month or so.

Do you think WWE specifically saying Hulk Hogan isn't under contract means he's not coming back?

Hulk Hogan doesn't need to be under contract to the company to appear for them.  Lots of talents pop up for an appearance.

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