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By Richard Trionfo on 2018-03-19 23:10:00

We are in Dallas, Texas and your announcers are Michael Cole, Corey Graves, and Jonathan Coachman.

Kurt Angle makes his way to the ring.

He welcomes everyone to Raw.  Kurt says he has some bad news.  Roman Reigns' suspension is still in effect and he will not be in the building tonight.  Kurt says that Brock Lesnar is not at the building yet, but he will be here tonight.

Kurt turns his attention to the tag team battle royal from last week.  Braun entered without a partner last week and he won.

Roman Reigns makes his way to the ring while Kurt was talking about the tag team situation.

Kurt wants to know why Roman is here and Kurt tells Roman he is trespassing.

Roman says he does not care.  Roman says Brock was not here the last few weeks and someone has to represent the main event of Wrestlemania.

Kurt says Brock will be here.  Roman says he wants to know where Brock is.  Kurt says that Brock has promised he will be here.  He tells Roman he has to do it outside the building tonight because he is suspended.  Roman wonders what he was suspended for.

Kurt tells Roman that he will be able to get his hands on Roman in three weeks.  Kurt tells Roman to be patient because it will happen.  He will have Brock in the palm of his hands at Wrestlemania.

Roman says he understands but he still does not care.  Roman says this is Dallas and he made a whole bunch of memories in here.  He will not leave the ring until he makes one more.  Roman tells Kurt to go back and tell whoever is in the back that he is not leaving his ring until he faces Brock Lesnar tonight.

Kurt leaves the ring and Roman has a chair and sits down in the ring.

Some US Marshals make their way to the ring and one of them has handcuffs while the other reads Roman his rights.  Roman is handcuffed and he starts to leave the ring until one of the Marshals puts his hands on Roman.  They start to be forceful with Roman and then Roman attacks all of them.  

Brock Lesnar's music plays and he skips his way to the ring and Roman is still handcuffed.  Roman misses with the chair and then he hits a German suplex.  Lesnar hits Roman with the chair.  Roman with another German suplex.  Brock returns to the chair shots to the back.  Roman with another German suplex.  Brock gets the chair again and he hits Roman a few more times.

Brock leaves the ring and starts to go to the back but he decides to return to teh ring and he hits Roman with the chair again and gives Roman another German suplex.

Brock stands by Paul, but he does not think that he is finished and he goes back to the ring to give Roman an F-5.

Brock goes to the stage with Paul while a stretcher goes past him to take what is left of Roman to a local medical facility and the crowd chants "You Deserve It".

Roman is put on the stretcher and Brock's music plays again and he pushes the stretcher over.  Brock pulls the stretcher away from the ringside barrier and then he goes to the back with Paul.

We go to commercial.

We are back with a look at what happened when Roman Reigns assaulted law enforcement and Brock Lesnar's response to Roman's actions.

We see Roman being put into the ambulance.

We have a video package for tonight's Alexa Bliss versus Asuka match and the revelation that Alexa was stringing Nia Jax along to do her dirty work.

Alexa has something to say before her match, and she is joined in the ring by Mickie James.

Alexa says she said some things about her best friend, Nia Jax, that were hurtful and wrong.  She did not know there was a world wide audience or that Nia was listening, but that is no excuse.  She was joking around with Mickie.  It was just girl talk.  Alexa says she knows that she got carried away in the moment and said some things she shouldn't have.  Alexa says that she is sorry.  Alexa says she sincerely apologizes . . . that she didn't speak the truth sooner.

Alexa says she is not going to apologize.  The word 'sorry' does not fit in her vocabulary.  She says she did not lose any sleep over this.  Nia was embarrassed in front of the whole world and she loved every moment of it.  Alexa says she never liked Nia, she used Nia.  Does Nia think that someone like Alexa would be friends with her.  Alexa says she feels so much better now that she got this off her chest. 

Alexa says she got a weight off her shoulders and she dropped 300 pounds of pathetic loser.  Alexa tells everyone to save their pity boos on someone else.  Now that she does not have Nia dragging her down, she can end Asuka's streak.

Match Number One:  Alexa Bliss (with Mickie James) versus Asuka in a Non Title Match

The match is joined in progress and Alexa sends Asuka face first into the mat and then chokes her in the ropes.  Alexa with a forearm but Asuka with a kick.  Alexa chokes Asuka in the ropes.  Mickie gets in a shot on Asuka while Alexa distracts the referee.  Alexa kicks Asuka and chokes her in the corner.  Alexa sends Asuka to the floor and Mickie with a kick while the referee deals with Alexa.  Alexa sends Asuka into the apron and Alexa gets a near fall.

Asuka with punches but she misses a leg sweep when Alexa jumps over Asuka and hits a drop kick for a near fall.  Alexa sends Asuka's face into the mat again.  Alexa with a reverse chin lock.  Asuka with punches but Alexa with a knee.  Asuka sends Alexa into the ropes and then Asuka with a hip attack.  Asuka with a hip attack into the corner.  Asuka with strikes followed by a pop up knee and a Shining Wizard for a near fall.  

Asuka goes to the turnbuckles but Mickie distracts Asuka.  Mickie with a punch to Asuka followed by a knee that sends Asuka to the floor.  Mickie with a fist drop to Asuka on the floor when the referee cannot see her.  Alexa sends Asuka back into the ring and she gets a near fall.  Alexa with a rear chin lock.  Alexa with punches to Asuka and she gets a near fall.  Asuka is sent to the floor again.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Alexa goes up top but Asuka with a forearm to stop her and Asuka sets for a superplex.  Alexa blocks the superplex and Alexa with a head butt.  Alexa with Code Red off the turnbuckles for a near fall.  Alexa throws a fit in the ring.  Asuka misses a back fist and Alexa with a kick.  Alexa with a knee drop but she misses the second knee drop.  Asuka gets a near fall.  Asuak goes for the Asuka lock and Alexa drops down.  Asuka with a rollup for a near fall.  Asuka with an ankle lock.  Alexa tries to escape and Asuka rolls through and pulls Alexa back into the center of the ring.

Alexa finally gets to the ropes and Alexa goes to the floor.  Alexa holds her ankle and Mickie gets Alexa's belt and checks on her.  The referee continues his count while Mickie escorts Alexa to the ramp.

Winner:  Asuka (by count out)

After the match, Nia Jax' music plays and she runs to the ring and knocks Mickie James down.  Nia grabs Alexa and Alexa is able to get away for a moment but Nia grabs Alexa as she gets into the crowd.  Mickie sacrifices herself to allow Alexa to escape into the crowd.  Nia sends Mickie into the apron and the she screams at Alexa.

Nia goes into the crowd and chases Alexa to the back.

We go to commercial.

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