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By Mike Johnson on 2018-03-12 09:57:00

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The future of former WWE Cruiserweight champion Rich Swann in professional wrestling looks to be in doubt after a series of Tweets over the weekend saw Swann announce his intentions to retire from professional wrestling after his current schedule of bookings, only to then not appear on several events he was scheduled for this week.

Swann was released by WWE last month in the fallout of his arrest in December 2017.  In that incident, he was charged with false imprisonment/kidnapping and a misdemeanor charge of battery- touching or striking.  The alleged victim in the incident was Swann's wife, Vannarah Riggs, who performs as Su Yung on the independent wrestling scene and earlier this year, debuted for Impact Wrestling.

WWE immediately suspended Swann under the company's domestic violence policy.   In the days following the incident, Swann's wife posted positive comments about her husband on social media.  The charges were later dropped due to "insufficient evidence" according to court records. 

Days later, WWE announced Swann's release, stating they "mutually agreed" to part ways.

Swann began taking independent bookings and was scheduled to debut for MLW this past Thursday, but despite being backstage, opted not to appear.  Swann was also scheduled to make appearances for CZW and House of Glory this past weekend, but did not appear.  He did appear over the weekend at the Big Event for a signing and became emotional several times during the appearance when fans began encouraging him not to retire.

Swann's decision to pull himself off bookings is in part due to the negative response he's received on social media for returning to wrestle, facing criticism for his arrest.  We are told that there are other family responsibilities that may prevent him from keeping a full-time wrestling schedule that are also weighing in on the 27-year old.

In response to the criticism Swann has faced, his wife took to Twitter to defend him:

Swann is advertised for several appearances for House of Hardcore.  Whether he opts to make those appearances or not remains to be seen.

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