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By Dave Scherer on 2018-03-13 10:00:00

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What do you think the chances are that we'll ever see another NXT Takeover being broadcast from Full Sail?  While I love watching those shows in front of packed arenas, I do miss the atmosphere and energy that small crowd from Full Sail brings to them.  And, yes, I do realize that the key words I used are "small crowd", as I know that place is tiny.

And you answered your own question!  It would make no sense to run at Full Sail when they can pack over 10,000 paying fans into a big arena.  That is just too much money to leave on the table.  Plus, the NXT talents deserve to work on the big stage.  

Was The Rock contacted in relation to teaming up with Ronda at Wrestlemania seeing as the initial angle at Mania 31 started with him?

I haven’t heard that he was.  It always surprises me when people keep asking about Rock wrestling.  He is 45 years old and one of the top movie stars in the world.  While wrestling fans think he should come back and lace up the boots, people outside of the wrestling bubble would think that is crazy.  Hell, after his match with John Cena he got seriously injured.  He’s an in-demand property.  Wrestling isn’t a priority for him any more.  Also, that altercation was not the start of a long term program.  Ronda had no idea her MMA career would fizzle so badly at that time.

When Ronda debuted, she shook Stephanie’s hand and then looked at both champions before pointing at the Mania sign. Did plans change from her initially challenging a champion? If not, why do the angle? Was it a swerve bro?

They did it to get people wondering and talking.  It worked!

One of the major points that helps with the WWE brand split is that both Raw and SmackDown are on the same network, live in prime time.  I know nothing is for sure just now but is it of concern that if Raw moves to Fox and SmackDown goes to FS1 then they’re no longer on “equal footing”, SmackDown is then a definite B-show and the brand split would be in trouble?  Or would WWE just accept that for more money and prestige that being with Fox would provide them?

I think if that happens, WWE would just ignore that fact and act as if both outlets are equal.  It would make no sense for them to make an issue out of it.  As for fan perception, I think most already see that Raw is considered the A show and Smackdown is the B show.

Any word on Neville returning to wrestle anywhere?

He is still under contract to WWE.  There have been rumors that he has been in touch with WWE but if he returns it’s not expected to be until after WrestleMania, which means he will have been out of action about six months.

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