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By Dave Scherer on 2018-03-12 10:00:00

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If Vince hypothetically retires or whatever would happen, would Triple H have that title of Chairman & Chief Executive Officer? He is an excellent  I don't know what his knowledge and background is on the business side such as dealings with stockholders, the NYSE, marketing and revenue, legal affairs, etc. Does he even have a higher education degree, if not a Harvard MBA? Anyway, I was joking on that end but what do you think?

That is to be determined, down the road.  If the family still owns the company, it could end up being Stephanie in charge.  If it were to end up being H, he has the pedigree to do it, pun intended.  His education in the business itself is far more valuable than any college degree could ever be when it comes to running WWE.  He’s a really sharp guy and, provided that the McMahons don’t sell the company, he would be a great choice to succeed Vince.

If WWE reaches a deal with Fox, do you think NXT will go to FS1? Do you believe it would stick to the same format or would it have to change because of the move to cable?

It’s all about money.  If the price is right, NXT will go to wherever the company paying for it wants to put it.  If that happened, it would make sense to keep the product in the same presentation that it is now.  After all, if someone wants to pay what WWE would want to air it, it has to already be established.

I have a follow up question to the one asked about WWE picking up the bill for attire. I remember reading when The Rock was doing his gimmick with the expensive Versace shirts, and John Cena was doing the Thugonomics gimmick with all of the jerseys from different teams that they both paid for those themselves. Any truth to either of the two? And if so, did WWE ever reimburse them since it popularized their characters so much? 

I honestly don’t remember them individually but generally if a talent pays for their own garb at first and the character works, WWE will then pick up the tab.  They don’t do that as much as they used to as they are much more scripted out now.

I read on the site that Alberto El Patron met with WWE about a possible return to the company. Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't talents not allowed to speak, or entertain a conversation about jumping ship while under contract with a competitor? I was always under the assumption that only when someone's contract is up are they allowed to speak with a competitor. I may be wrong and it might only pertain to actually negotiating, but I just want to be sure I understand correctly. 

It depends on the verbiage in the deal.  Unless it specifically states that a talent can’t speak with other companies about a deal when their current contract expires, they are able to search out new deals.  If they have no compete clauses, they may be forced to sit out the agreed upon period before going to the new place.  In Alberto’s case, he is a very smart and polished man.  He went to WWE to talk because he could.  In my opinion, if he could come to a deal, good for him.  I think Impact treated him very poorly when they suspended him without cause, and he deserves better.  Plus, he is a hell of a wrestler.  He should be in the big time if he wants to be there.

Following up on the Matt Hardy/Edge/Lita love triangle question, it seems like Matt was being punished or on the odds instead of Edge and Lita. Why would WWE favor Edge and Lita when it was clear Matt was the victim? The two pretty much got a huge push after the incident, so not only were they not fired, but got rewarded. If I were Matt, I would have pushed the issue as well since I was wronged.

WWE cares about putting on their product and getting it out to the masses.  As a rule, they don’t like the talents going into business for themselves.  In this case, Matt was pretty vocal outside of the WWE auspices about what was going on and it was not well received.  If everyone that got cheated on in the wrestling business went off about it…..well there would be a lot of people going off.

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